AnyOption Review – EU Regulated Binary Broker – Now closed

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AnyOption Review – EU Regulated Binary Broker – Now closed

UPDATE – This service is no longer available. Learn about 24option instead. This is a full review of AnyOption that happens to be world’s first binary broker set up in 2008. Since it is the oldest binary broker it has one of the biggest user base of satisfied customers. They have seen it all and were able to adjust and tweak their services and thrived on obstacles as well as success.

It is this type of modern and open approach which turn Anyoption into one of the biggest and most respected binary options brokers in the world. In this review we will look at their main options, features, and we will discuss their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Anyoption is a fully EU regulated binary broker

Anyoption’s trading platform is operated by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Limited which is regulated within the EU by CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under licence number number 187/12.

As we have advised beginner traders numerous times on this websites, it is always best to trade with a binary broker that is regulated. In case you’re wondering why, it is because a regulated broker has an overseeing government authority to which it must answer.

In real terms this translates into a certified operation whose functioning and calculations are checked by a neutral overseeing body. If a binary broker in unregulated it can not be fully trusted as it’s operations can be hidden and unavailable to the public or even high courts.

Remember that when you trade binary options you essentially bet against your broker so it is of paramount importance that it is a broker that can be trusted.

Unregulated brokers and their trading platforms as well as other operations simply cannot be fully trusted.

With a regulated broker you have a piece of mind that you won’t be conned or cheated on the trade results. This is very important for further development.

There are traders out there who recommend having a few accounts with various brokers. However, we believe that it’s much more effective to trade and get used to one good broker that is regulated and that you can trust, than to trade with 10 unregulated brokers.

Operation in multiple languages

Their web platform and trading apps available for apple, windows and android phones operate in many languages besides English. In fact Anyoption is one of the most translated trading binary options service.

Without operating in most languages Anyoption would never accomplish the goal of being one of the biggest binary brokers out there. In general, there are many more binary traders from non-English speaking countries. Asia is one of the biggest players, mostly Japan.

Cutting edge trading platform

Anyoption offers one of the fastest and most reliable trading platforms of all binary option brokers. The beauty of it is that it is simple and intuitive even for beginner traders but has all the option that are needed and more. Here is a close up of the basic trading window of EUR/USD

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This is a trading window of a single asset. You can see the asset type in the upper left corner and by clicking on the arrow highlighted in yellow you can load a different asset into the window. In the upper right corner you have the asset expiry time which can be modified by clicking the yellow arrow next to it. In the main view you can see the big buttons to call or put and the price action in ticks. The price action window can be zoomed in and out by using the – and + buttons on the right.

In the lower navigation you can choose your investment level and your profit margin. Remember that binary options are fixed return options so what you receive when you win or lose is clearly defined from the outset. The results of your settings of investment and your accepted profit levels/losses will be seen on the right. In the above example we can see that with an investment of $100 and a profit level of 75% we can win $175 or lose $95. Let’s discuss this further.

Unique risk management control tool

In trading, risk management is crucial. Without proper risk management a trader simply cannot succeed. Where most binary option brokers lack any development in this area, Anyoption shines with another example how risk management can be integrated into binary options trading. In each asset’s window we can change the profit and loss margin.

Most binary brokers do not offer the option to modify the profit to loss ratio. It’s simply win or lose it all. But this is not the case with Anyoption where you can control and manage the risk of your binary option trade. That can control your losses and if you lose your trade you won’t lose the full amount.

Here is a screenshot of EUR/USD again but with modified profit and loss:

Here you can see that the investment level remains the same but we have changed the profit margin to 55% and in case the trade goes the other way we will keep $25 of our investment. With most binary brokers, on your lost trade you will lose 100%, namely all of your invested amount.

Allowing you to keep and control your losses makes a BIG difference and a huge plus for Anyoption. As far as we’re aware they give the highest returns on losses than any other binary broker.

Configure your trading platform to trade favorite assets

To make your trading experience more pleasant your main view of the trading window can be configured to show up to four different assets. You can select any asset you like in those four separate windows allowing to focus on trading your favorite assets. See screenshot below

You can choose assets from currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Anyoption has the widest selection of assets so whatever your interests are you’ll always be able to trade a connected asset.

One-Click trading option

For those of you who want or need to enter trades faster you can activate the One-Click trading mode. What this will do is access the trade without the need to confirm it.

There are many binary options trading strategies which success depends on fast entries. This is especially true for very short term expiry trades where traders trade 1 minute or 5 minute charts.

As you can imagine trading at those short expiry times and chasing the price action is very challenging and so being able to simply click the Call or Put button to enter a trade is of great help that many traders need.

Of course there is always another side of the coin and one-click trading can be a very damaging tool in the wrong hands. Someone who is trigger-happy and is trading without any strategy will most likely grow to dislike one-click trading, even though most traders will appreciate it.

Bubble trading technology

Anyoption always tries to introduce new things into the world of binary options trading. Some of you may think that bubble trading refers to market bubbles and ways to trade them. In a way there is a connection but this type of bubble trading is different. This is a new and exciting technology which is based on creating bubbles on the trading chart in the hope that the price action will poke the periphery of the bubble you create.

What is really innovative about this type of approach is that it is very visual and the size of your return is based on the size and the placement of your bubble. As you can see in the above example the bubble placed there will get 105% in return if the price action touches it. The smaller the bubble and the farther away from the price action the higher the percentage of returns, which may be as high as 1000%!

Conversely, when the bubble is big and close to the price action the returns will lower drastically, as seen in the example below.

This is a new and exciting way to trade but one needs to be cautious as well. In a way it looks very simple, a child could place the trades but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. To trade it well and accurately with consistent wins one needs to use a proper trading strategy just like with any other trading system.

When you draw and place your bubble on the chart you will need to enter the trade by clicking the big GO button. As soon as you do your trade will be executed and your return profit locked. Until you click the GO button your return calculation will be automatically adjusted by the system which analyzes live data.

Anyoption support and assistance

Without good customer support no binary broker will be able to survive for this long. Anyoption’s support is of really good and well standardised quality and runs round the clock worldwide 24/7.

You can contact the support at any time using the online chat window on their website or send an email to support. You can also call Anyoption to opening an account, terms and conditions, trading platform, withdrawal, etc.

Islamic accounts for Muslim traders

Anyoption is also one of the first binary broker to recognize the need of Muslim investors and create Islamic compliant trading accounts.

To create Islamic account is a huge step forward and a strong signal to the rest of the binary community to treat their customers with respect they deserve.

These Islamic accounts for Muslim investors strictly adherence to Shari’a and Fiqh laws. They include the following:

  • No-Riba – Interest free account
  • Hibah – Donation platform enabled
  • Musharaka – Matched amount at first deposit

Anyoption’s Islamic accounts have a distinct features and few advantages that put them in the lead of other Islamic accounts offered by competition.

Anyoption’s Islamic accounts offer interest-free trading. They are guaranteed to be protected from any interest charges or any hidden charges that could be added or taken by the broker.

Anyoption review – Final verdict

It is our opinion that Anyoption is the by far the best binary options broker out there mainly due to the fact that they offer adjustable returns on losses, which really help a trader in their risk management and increases chances of winning.

In addition they offer a very reliable and fast trading platform, easy withdrawals, innovative trading options such as bubble trading, free demo, and Islamic accounts.

Anyoption is one of the oldest binary brokers and its survival in this massively competitive market is a testament to how good they are. Serving tens of thousands of clients worldwide in this industry is a great achievement and one could consider Anyoption to be the world’s biggest and best binary options broker.

SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Try 24options instead.

AnyOption Review

THIS BROKER HAS CLOSED AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Please visit our broker review page for our most recommended brokers.

Rating Section

  • Bonuses: 90/100
  • Software: 90/100
  • Customer Support: 90/100
  • Options Choice: 95/100
  • Overall: 90/100

Ratings Summary

The bonuses section of our ratings is usually not applicable for CySEC-regulated brokers, with bonuses they are able to offer severely restricted by their regulatory regime. However, AnyOption still offers no-strings-attached refunds on losing trades, with between 5% and 25% of investment stake returned to the trading account. The high score is on the basis of both the effort and the fact that this bonus comes free of conditions.

AnyOption’s proprietary trading platform is widely considered one of the best available to binary options traders, with the rating here reflecting that. Customer support facilities and quality also score highly as does ‘Options Choice’ with a nicely balanced selection of over 200 tradable instruments offered.

AnyOption Introduction

The sheer volume of different binary options brokers now on the market can make choosing one a daunting task. As with any product or service provider, however, clients should be willing to put some time and effort into researching the market if they want to feel confident they are making an informed choice on the best option for their own personal circumstances and requirements.

Among the main considerations for binary options traders when it comes to choosing a broker are how well established and reputable the company behind the brand is, as they will be entrusting the funds held in their trading account to their safe keeping, the trading platform offered and additional resources and general service level provided. Trading conditions such as minimum deposits, investments stakes, the withdrawals process and banking options provided also make a difference.

Our brokers review section compiles all of the key information related to these questions. This information tends to be spread around the websites of binary options brokers and compiling it all can be quite a time-consuming process, particularly if being done for numerous brokers. Luckily, we’ve done that for you and everything you need to know on a broker is neatly summarized in one page!

In this review we take a closer look at AnyOption:

Company Information

AnyOption has a legitimate claim to being the original binary options broker. Established in 2008, the brand pioneered the retail-facing binary options trading format that has now been replicated by so many other brokers. The brand is owned and operated by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading and the brokerage service regulated by CySEC, the Cypriot Securities Exchange Commission.

CySEC is the only EU government financial regulatory body that offers a regulatory environment for binary options, though several other, including the FCA, are expected to start doing so over the next couple of year. The upshot of this is the CySEC regulated brokers such as AnyOption are currently the safest option available to traders in the UK. CySEC regulation guarantees brokers’ capitalization level, the segregation of client funds in Tier 1, EU-based banks and pre and post-trade transparency on pricing quotes for tradable assets. AnyOption is additionally regulated by the FSB (Financial Services Board) in South Africa.

There is currently speculation, that appears to have strong foundations, that AnyOption will shortly undergo a merger with online portfolio management company, though no official announcement has yet been made to confirm this.

Trading Software

AnyOption is one of a select group of binary options brokers that has developed their own proprietary trading platform rather than using a white label version provided by one of the several third-party specialist trading software providers. The broker’s near 10-years of history on the market has seen several updates to their trading platform, with the extensive experience of trader requirements and preferences being put to good use. It’s a great platform and the market leading white label alternative reputedly bases its own product on AnyOption’s software. However, with many aspects covered by copyright, there is plenty unique to this platform that cannot be replicated by copycats.

The trading platform is browser-based and doesn’t require the download of any software so can be conveniently logged into from almost any browser-supporting device with an internet connection.

Close observation of in-trade behavior over the years has led to the platform’s fantastically intuitive and efficient usability and layout. The platform gives traders what they want and need without over-complicating things with a variety of add-ons and features that may look impressive on paper but are rarely actually used. The design is also freshly contemporary and adds to the overall feel.

In addition to the classic binary options format, users can also trade ‘Touch’ options that set a strike price to be hit before the expiry time and an ‘Options+’ format that allows binary options to be closed out early to secure a profit or cut an expected loss.

Finally, the new ‘Dynamics’ options are a new format exclusively available to AnyOption. Dynamics options set a static value to an option with payouts then based on how the underlying asset’s price subsequently moves in relation to this static value.


AnyOption’s trading platform is also available in native Android and iOS app-format for smartphone and tablet-based trading. The apps are free to download and use and their quality level matches that of the main desktop/laptop browser-based version with no loss of functionality. As long as a good 3 or 4G internet connection is available, or the mobile device is connected to WiFi, response and trade execution times match those of the main trading platform. Cloud data management also means that actions taken on browser-based and app-based versions of the platform, through one account, sync in real time.

Assets Available

AnyOption’s tradable assets index consists of a good, balanced variety of choice across FX, commodities, indices and individual equities. The full asset index can be traded via classic and ‘Touch’ binary options formats. The Option+ and Dynamics binary options formats have reduced choices on tradable assets.

AnyOption uses Thomson Reuters data for all price quotes on tradable assets.

Trading Features, Fees and Payouts

Additional features AnyOption makes available to traders holding accounts with the broker live sentiment data that visualises all of the binary options positions currently open on the platform and a nice charting package that supports technical analysis through several indicators that can be overlaid onto price charts.

The minimum investment stake on a single binary option is $25, or equivalent in one of the other base currencies supported.

Payouts on classic and ‘Touch’ binary options can reach 85% depending upon the risk level the trader takes on.

A $50, or equivalent in another base currency, monthly charge is applied to accounts that have been dormant for at least 6 months. The other fees applied by AnyOption are applied to withdrawals. A full list of charges are provided in the broker’s terms and conditions but wire transfers are subject to a $30, or equivalent in other base currencies, fee and withdrawals to debit and credit cards see a 3.5% fee applied.

Bonuses & VIP programs

AnyOption’s bonus programme consists of a refund of 5% to 25% on losing trades. These refunds are not subject to any conditions, as per CySEC’s regulatory framework. Cash top-up bonuses commonly offered by non-regulated brokers may seem generous on the face of things but tend to come with trade turnover conditions that can make subsequent withdrawals problematic. As such, AnyOption’s no-strings-attached refund programme can be considered one of the best added incentives provided by any binary options broker.

Deposits and Withdrawals

AnyOption support deposit and withdrawals payment processing via Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit and credit cards and wire transfer. Deposits can be made from e-wallet providers such as Skrill and Neteller but not withdrawals.

The minimum deposit level is $100, or the approximate equivalent in another base currency, which can be one of Euros, Pounds Sterling, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira or Swedish Krone.

There is no minimum withdrawal value set though withdrawal fees to apply.

Customer Support

AnyOption provides customer support via live chat, telephone or email with agents speaking English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. For telephone-based customer support a call back option is available. Support is provided 24/7.

Extra features and resources

AnyOption offers Islamic trading accounts compliant with the Muslim faith and guaranteeing the no interest is applied to or taken from trading accounts and that they are not subject to any hidden fees.

A rich education resource including video tutorials, online course and e-books is also provided. All resources are neatly categorised as most suited to beginner, intermediate or advanced trader experience/skill levels.


AnyOption is one of the best choices available to binary options traders. In terms of safety of funds and transparency of trading conditions and pricing the broker’s regulatory status guarantees trader interests. As the original and oldest binary options broker on the market there is also not a more well-established name in the industry, which has to carry some weight.

Trading conditions themselves are top notch with AnyOption’s proprietary platform among the best available – many would say the best. There are trading platforms with more bells and whistles than AnyOption’s but the fact of the matter is that these are often of questionable real added value and most traders don’t tend to use many of the addition features other brokers tag on in an effort to gain a competitive advantage. There is a lot to be said of the ‘less is more’ approach in this case as it makes the trading platform cleaner, leaner and more usable.

Refunds of up to 25% on losing trades is a very nice touch and customer service is to a very high level. If there is one criticism that can be levelled at AnyOption it is that it would be nice to see the 3.5% fee charged on credit and debit card withdrawals capped.

  • CySEC-regulated
  • Well-established and the original binary options broker, on the market since 2008
  • Great trading platform and apps
  • Up to 25% refunds on losing trades
  • $100 minimum deposit
  • Only deposits and not withdrawals to e-payment processors supported
  • No cap on 3.5% fee applied to withdrawals do debit and credit cards

Is AnyOption a scam broker or is it safe?

No, AnyOption is not a scam broker. It is most established binary options broker on the market, operating since 2008 and is regulated by CYSEC.

What is the minimum account deposit I can make with AnyOption?

The minimum deposit supported is £/$/€100

What is the minimum investment amount supported by AnyOption?

£/$/€25 is the minimum investment amount

What currencies can I use to make an account deposit with AnyOption?

US Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira or Swedish Krone may be used in the account

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AnyOption Review – EU Regulated Binary Broker – Now closed

UPDATE – This service is no longer available. Learn about 24option instead. This is a full review of AnyOption that happens to be world’s first binary broker set up in 2008. Since it is the oldest binary broker it has one of the biggest user base of satisfied customers. They have seen it all and were able to adjust and tweak their services and thrived on obstacles as well as success.

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