AWS Mining Review Is a Scam or Legit Mining Solution

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AWS Mining Review

AWS Mining ( is a cloud mining solution which is said to have established multiple mining farms across Paraguay, Mongolia, Sichuan, Anhui and Russia. Their platform is easy to navigate around and very straightforward.

The returns they offer is on the higher side which is 200% in roughly 10 months but know that it is not guaranteed as the number of factors which potentially can affect the price of cryptos is numerous. If you are not sure about buying mining contract from them then continue reading our full review which will help you make an informed decision about them.

Company and Contact Details

All the firms which raises money from a private pool of retail investors have to be registered and licensed in order to do so legally. AWS Mining represents an ICO wherein the money raised from the investors are used to maintain the mining farms and upgrade them in an effective way which maximises the profits.

The investors are entitled to certain amount of money in the near future which is directly proportional to their initial capital. We searched for information regarding this firm on regulatory authorities database but we could not find anything relevant to our query.

Even on their website they have failed to showcase any registration information which is a little concerning as there are many fake platforms out there and without the proper licenses it is difficult to distinguish the legitimate firms and fraudulent platforms. This company is said to be headquartered in Sydney, Australia and here are some information regarding the location of their offices:

Paraguay, Ciudad del Este

How does AWS Mining Work?

AWS Mining is a standard cloud mining solution. They own and operate mining farms spread across various countries wherein the conditions are favorable and economical to conduct mining activities. The disturbing thing about there narration is the fact that they do not provide enough details about any of the aspects involved in this sector.

For starters we do not know which coins they mine and the profitability they are trying to achieve. Choosing the right coins based upon the current market trend is a crucial element which determines the net profit.

We do not know the kind of miners they employ and the exact rundown of the expenses they incur. Since majority of the aspects are not discussed it is very hard for any experienced investor to trust this firm.

Contracts and Profits

The rough estimate of the profit you might earn depends upon the CMP which stands for Crypto Mining Power. However, remember that though the calculator shows a rough estimate it is not guaranteed as the end result depends upon various factors which cannot be precisely predicted. Below we have listed the contract details:

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Domain Whereabouts

This site has been around for more than a year. According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 08/04/2020 and it expires on 08/04/2020.

A simple search on revealed that this website ranks 3,483 in Brazil and has a global rank of 34,939. Majority of the users coming to this site are from Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria, Pakistan and India.

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Is AWS Mining a Scam?

This platform does exhibit a kind of anonymity and lacks some aspects with regards to clarity but on the bright side has its own merits. For example their roadmap is very detailed and does not contain any exaggerated claims. The only way to know whether this platform is truly legit will be by collecting user testimonies which will be done eventually.

Beginning of Mining – 2020

Even before the establishment of the Australian legal entity, the founders of AWS Mining already bought mining machines from china and placed it on third-party farms for mining.

Sichuan Farm – Nov 2020

By the region of Sichuan, Eric Mu built a mining farm attached to a small private hydroelectric plant with electricity generation capacity of 4000 kw.

Inner Mongolia Farm – Feb 2020

The inner Mongolia Unit was built with 8 warehouses and 16,000 machines as initial capacity and with expansion potential to upgrade to 50,000 machines.

Company Incorporation in Sydney – May 2020

We have decided for Sydney/Australia as the tax domicile for AWS Mining PTY LTD that sells mining contracts for customers worldwide.

Affiliate Program Launch – Aug 2020

After 24 months of programming development, the three systems that allowed the mining contracts to begin were completed. The systems are mining panel, affiliate program and payment gateway.

Ciudad del Este Farm – Nov 2020

First South America’s mining farm with cooling air-conditioning system installed in Ciudad Del Este and today is mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monomer, Zcash and Bitcoin Cash.

Anhui Farm – May 2020

Huaibei city located at the Anhui province is a well-known region as the energy capital in China. In this place is where AWS Mining begun a small mining operation in March 2020.

Inigushetia Farm – Sep 2020

Russia as well as China is one of the countries which offer the cheapest energy in the world. Beyond that, strategically placed in Europe the Inigushetia fam will provide to European visitors a more accessible option than visiting China or Paraguay farms.

Hebei Farm – Oct 2020

The Hebei mining farm in china already had its opening and its capacity is for 50,000 mining machines. Beyond that strategically placed near the capital Pequim to facilitate the visitor’s access from all over the world.

AWS Mining Review Conclusion

AWS Mining appears to be reasonable platform but we cannot reach any conclusion just yet because as we said earlier we do not have enough information or feedback from the users. They have features the details of their employees on their website but as there is no LinkedIn account information about them it is hard to trace out their actual identities.

If you want to give this platform a try then remember to start small once you are happy with the results you can always scale the capital.

Have you tried Share your experience with u by leaving a comment below.

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Over Night all the money in my accounts are gone. No update so far. I am worried. Lost all my savings. Looks like a scam to me.

Please check your mailbox. They should have sent you a mail before terminating your contract.
Login to your account and check FAQ… Frequently asked questions.

I was scammed by AWS Mining in 2020, after I purchased a 150% contract. Eventually, I got the help I needed from Dr. Marcus Gate.

I am a member and I earn daily. Take a risk and try it out. Why fear? Risk takers earn, loose, earn, loose and earn earn earn!

Pls update me mike and as well as when this will clear +919444984857

I’ll add you to the group. I’m simply an investor and prone to risks like you on AWSmining. I only tend to have more information than you do .
But it’s noteworthy to tell you that is proving to stand the test of time. They have moved to a new platform to introduce and accommodate a whole new features.
So in case you’re unable to access your account on the old platform Known as don’t be bothered.
Alot of changes and upgrades have been made in the past weeks.
You’re now required to verify your account according to the stipulated KYC policy in place in all legimate crypto currency operators.
I hope you understand. If you need any more information. Leave me a mail or reach my WhatsApp cell.

Stay safe out there.

My Aws account is lost just lost my money why like this

Please contact me via my personal mail or Whatsapp… I’ll add you to a group where you can make complaints to the President, Cynthia Petion.
You will have AWS top leaders to always attend all your needs and worries.

Mail: [email protected]
WhatsApp.: 2347068330603/ 07068330603

Obviously, he made a mistake.
The best thing is to always do your own research.
If going by experience works for you, then you can trust my judgement. I have bought a contract with them in the last few months. I still get paid my 0.5% daily ROI on my contract.

Leave me a mail if you need help. [email protected]

Just joined because a friend of a friend has been part of it for a long time and has benefited. It seems legit

You said you have no feedback from users so I figured I would leave some info. I have currently been mining with AWS daily for almost a year and have had no problems. I receive around 15% a month on my investments and they just upgraded their referral program to pay 10% direct AND team bonuses where you can earn up to double your contract amounts daily. It is a very simple setup with very friendly staff and members. I’ve had bad luck with others in the past and this has been the most reliable I’ve found.

AWS Mining is a legit company with well established leadership structure, registered office in Sydney Australia with Australian Business Number (can be checked online by Googling, ABN Look Up) and physical mining farms in China, Paraguay and Russia. The company payment system is one of the best globally. It is daily with no delay. Am a miner Whatsapp +254721312906

Aws mining esta excelente, pruebalo y habla de tu experiencia en la empresa. Yo llevo mas de 5 meses y he recuperado 800% de mi capital inicial. El que quiera realmente conocer de este gran negocio entonces que lo pruebe, estan todos invitados. Contactame +58 4148911014

Aws is 100% legit and l recomend to all friends and family alike. Yoi can call +2448091771881. Or register on my link [affiliate link removed]

aws mining es fiel, les dejo el link de registro [link removed]

I will give this a trial as the farms are physically available for everyone to see. I believe this is real.

AWS Mining is a legit company. I have been with them for the past 5 months and I have reached 90% ROI and have made over $7000 form binary and have been paid without any hassles. Reach me on WhatsApp +27626105006

I will be more than happy to share my earnings proof with you and yes the company is fully registered with Australia Securities Commission.

So some one should suggest us about real company.

Stop wasting the name of aws mining this is a real company with real mining farms have even visited them if anyone is interested in the company just text me or call whatsapp 254711923055

Everybody should stay away from this scam company. They are professional scams, you can read they hidden secrets from reviews here

It was a good work put up by the reviewer on the nigeriabitcointalk but he dented some claims with wrong data and tend to fault his review overall. I have read his reviews over and over. He might have made his opinion. But this was not enitrely factual.
I’m looking up a free time to comment his review.
I’m not saying on a long run if AWS is legit or not. but as for now, they’re legit and are paying out.

I shall do more reviewing with my next spare time.

There is no credible evidence of their registration with the regulatory authorities, as they claim that AWS Mining Pty Ltd is registered in Sydney, Australia.
Moreover, the returns are so exorbitant that no would believe that such kind of profitable business exist in this world i.e. on $400 investment you get $2 back on a daily basis which includes your $1 as capital and 1$ as your return for the next 400 days (100% return in 400 days). If you put the financial calculator on it for calculating returns, where you have your capital returned on a daily basis the actual Return on Investment goes beyond 200%.
If you look at the traffic data of the website, at amazon alexa, you would be amazed that top 5 countries include Brazil, colombia, Nigeria, India & Pakistan no representation from EU or North America, Australia or even China. This clearly indicates that people interested in AWS mining are from developing countries with limited education and knowledge of the financial systems and are usually less aware of such frauds.
It is clearly an MLM (ponzi) and to divert people’s mind from thinking it a ponzi scheme they have wrapped it with a beautiful cover of bitcoin mining.
They take people to the mining farms to show that look we are doing real mining but if you look at those videos in which they took people to farms you would figure out that they show a big container with lots of mining equipment placed in it uninstalled, then what’s the point in taking people there then?
All I can say is that it’s a beautiful MLM with bitcoin mining as icing on the cake.

You got it right. AWS is a SCAM. They will disappear with money before their domain expires. If it is registered in Sydney, Australia why is it that they have many people from Brazil, Nigeria, Colombia, Pakistan, and India??

Once again, you’re wrong. From my researches, 6% of the total site traffic came from the US. In fact, the Texas securities comomission had to cease operations in Texas because AWS had not registered with the commission and declare its external ROI on investment.
Up on till then,AWS had miners contractors and affiliates from Texas,US.

Hit your research again.

Mike, in addition to your research, there were no statements or claims by the Texas Securities Commission that AWS may be a scam. The main concern seemed to be about registration with the commission.

Aws mining is not legit, I am part of this amazing company and I earn between $70 and $100 daily so if you want to join use this link: [affiliate link removed]

You said is not legit,but you said again you make$70_$100 daily

AWS Mining Review: Is a Scam or Legit Mining Solution?

AWS Mining Review: Scam or legit? claims it could make you huge money through crypto mining . How true is this? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams. In this review, we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

HAVE YOU BEEN SCAMMED? If you have lost your money to online scammers, there is an opportunity you could get back your money.

Click HERE to start the recovery process

What Is AWS Mining?

AWS Mining is a cloud mining solution which claimed to have established multiple mining farms across Paraguay, Mongolia, Sichuan, Anhui and Russia. They claim to be a technological enterprise that focuses on the world’s Cryptocurrency demands, allegedly offering cloud mining services that anyone can buy and start making profits immediately mining Cryptocurrencies.

AWS Contracts and Profits

According to the information on, the profit you earn depend on the CMP ‘Crypto Mining Power’ you subscribed for. Below are the plans:

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

AWS MINING Review- Disturbing Things Found appears to be a legit platform, however after thorough investigations we realized some redflags which are a cause for worry. Firstly, the company details provided by them ‘“AWS MINING PTY LTD” with the number ABN 876197077 in Australia, with the following address as their cooperate headquarters Level, 57, MLC center 19 – 29 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia” is a white washed lie. From our findings, the company details they provided belongs to virtual office company. Virtual offices are commonly used by most pyramid scam schemes. These addresses can appear and disappear anytime. Below are other reasons Why AWS Mining is not Trustworthy;

  • Claim to be in operation since 2020– Not true. After checking their domain on whois we discovered that the platform was registered in August 2020 to a certain Sophie Maria Carlsson using a residential address in Sydney Australia.
  • AWS Mining claim to be an Australian Company however from our findings it is owned and run by Brazilian Fraudsters.
  • AWS Mining is structured like a pyramid scam. Like most scam mining platforms, it offers a lucrative referral program, acceleration bonus and residual bonus.
  • AWS Mining has a relationship with MYCOINDEAL, a scam company which is operated by Brazillian fraudsters.



Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time. On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous. So you need a guide to help you make a good decision. We have made it our duty, by exposing scams.

Our Recommendation

They are lots of online investment opportunities which could fetch you money and give you a good Return On Investment. We constantly search them out to guide our readers so they don’t fall for scams. Always feel free to interact with us in the comment section.

AWS Mining Review – REAL PROFITS?


AWS Mining can be found at and it claims to be a reliable and profitable crypto miner. Yes, it does appear to be fairly legit from the outside, but we do have some major concerns. We are here right now doing this AWS Mining scam review to find out exactly what is going on here and if you should invest your hard earned money with it.

AWS Mining HYIP – The Team

One thing which needs to be discussed in regards to this AWS Mining system is who is in charge of it. Now, the website does have a little section which gives us some insight into the team behind this online miner. If you look on the site, there are well over one dozen team members listed. However, all we get to see of them is their faces, combined with some names.

The problem here is that it is literally impossible to confirm whether or not these people are real. We did some research here into some of the main people, more than 5 of them actually, and we came up totally empty. None of these people appear to have any online presence, whether social media or otherwise.

Sure, the people behind the AWS Mining app might just not want a lot of attention and don’t want to be contacted on social media. However, this does seem very unlikely, as people who are the leadership position of a business like this usually always want to be known to further their own causes. The fact that we cannot find any legit or real information about the AWS Mining leadership team does not inspire confidence in the least.

AWS Mining System – The Company

Yet another thing which needs to be discussed here is that the AWS Mining company does not appear to be registered or licensed. Yes, we are told that the company is based in Australia, with mining facilities located in in Russia, Mongolia, China, Paraguay, and a couple of other places too. When it comes to evidence to back any of this up, the results are negligible at best.

For one, the website does not display any information in regards to licensing, registration, or being a legit company of any kind. We at least want to see legit documents proving that is actually registered and has an official standing in Australia, where it is based. However, of course, neither the website nor anywhere else has information in regards to this.

In terms of other alleged mining facilities being located in any of the other countries listed above, there is also no concrete proof. When it comes down to it, there is not a single shred of evidence which can prove that this AWS Mining company is in fact legit, registered, licensed, or that it has a legal standing of any sort. This is supposed to be a financial investment company, which requires licensing, so not having concrete evidence that it is the real deal is certainly not very convincing.

AWS Mining Software – How Does it Work?

Ok, so the AWS Mining system is supposed to be a cryptocurrency mining operation. The claim here is that there are several mining farms located across the world. We have already discussed how there is no concrete proof of this. However, the real kicker here is that we are never told which cryptocurrencies are mined for. Yes, this is a mention of Bitcoin, but other than that, there is no information provided to us here.

If we are expected to invest our hard earned money with this AWS Mining system, we definitely want to know which cryptocurrencies are being mined for. Moreover, if you know anything about cryptocurrencies, you know that mining is very expensive, and that it is not all that profitable anymore. Assuming that this AWS Mining HYIP is legit, being able to provide such high returns as is promised here certainly does not seem realistic.

AWS Mining App – What Are The Profits Like?

Well, we are told that can provide us with returns of around 200% in 8 months. Now, the claims to fame here are a lot less than other crypto and Bitcoin scams out there. However, none the less, claiming to be able to triple your original investment in just 8 months does seem to be a little too good to be true. Sure, we might expect something like a 50% ROI in 1 year, which is already pushing the boundaries of realism.

Yet, 200% in 8 months really does not seem legit. There is also the fact that we have received some complaints from disgruntled users of the AWS Mining system. From what we can tell, they do not provide their investors with profits as promised. Yes, some have gotten a few bucks back, but nothing near what has been promised. Therefore, while we cannot outright say that AWS Mining is a scam, it is certainly very suspicious and lacks trust.

AWS Mining Investment Program – Is It A Ponzi Scheme?

When it comes down to it, the AWS Mining system does appear to be somewhat of a Ponzi scheme. Now, admittedly, we are a bit on the fence here, but the evidence certainly indicates that this AWS Mining miner is less than trustworthy or realistic.

They promise massive returns, but how these are generated is somewhat unclear. And, when it comes to providing these returns to investors, there seem to be very mixed reviews, with more than a few customers being less than pleased with the results.


AWS Mining Scam Review – Final Thoughts

Ok, so we are not going to say outright that this AWS Mining HYIP is a scam, as there is not enough evidence to say either way. However, the fact that there is so little information about it is certainly not convincing and does not inspire confidence. At the very least, this AWS Mining system just does not work well and is a waste of time, and at the worst, it is a scam. It is hard to tell at this point, but we do think that you should stay away from this AWS Mining program. It is a very risky venture and we do not think that you will ever get your money back here.


IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: [email protected] . If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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