Bitcoin Boom Review Is BitcoinBoom Software Scam or Genuine

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Bitcoin Boom Review, Is Bitcoin Boom SCAM Trading App?

Bitcoin Boom! Bitcoin Boom is marketed as an automated trading software which executes trades on auto-pilot (crypto robot) and generates over $5,000 a day for its members. But what is it really and who is Bryden Ford? Chances are if you are reading this Bitcoin Boom review you are asking yourself is Bitcoin Boom SCAM app or legitimate trading software? Sometimes the truth can be evasive, but not in this case. When discussing the Bitcoin Boom trading platform we can tell you right off the bat that Bitcoin Boom is a cloned SCAM and therefore rightfully blacklisted. Bitcoin Boom has been recycled TWICE before, and this is the third time (and no, the third time is not a charm). It started out as the Liberty BTC System, then it evolved into “Crypto System”, and finally it has relaunched under the idiotic name of Bitcoin Boom. In the previous versions, the Head of Operations was Kyle Stanford (Alias) and now its Ford. Bitcoin Boom is a classic get-rich-quick scheme designed to appeal to the uneducated or amateur trader who is just starting out and is totally clueless about online trading, Forex, and/or CFDs (contracts for differences). The crooks behind the Bitcoin Boom scam are affiliate marketers who are always on the lookout for cheap ways to attract new visitors to their phony websites. These affiliates networks operate in tandem with rogue offshore Forex and CFD brokers such as WiseBank or Tradovest. In most cases these brokers have a registered business address in Estonia or the Marshall Islands.

Bitcoin Boom Complaints: Most complaints are somehow related to inability to withdraw money or losing trades. Either way, if you signup for the Bitcoin Boom scam you are toast so get ready to kiss your money goodbye.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: (spoofed site keeps changing)

Evidence of SCAM
Below you can see Bitcoin Boom primary sales page and registration area. A closer look reveals that these cheap con artists are using the Liberty BTC sales video and only changing the logo.

Bitcoin Boom Registration Area

And here we have the same website, only it is branded once as Crypto System, and then again as “Liberty System”. Notice the typos and lack of proper grammar. These are all highly indicative of a cheap scam since nobody bothered to check the content of the video. But the really sad part is that despite all of this, the fraudsters keep recycling it because they know people don’t really pay attention to the details and are actually searching for an easy way to make money fast.

Bitcoin Boom Cloned App

And here we have Mr. Bryden Ford. We have attached an image below of Kyle Stanford for comparative purposes. You can see that the texts are copied verbatim and that the only thing which has changed is the image of the person. Needless to say, in both cases these are not real people and their images have been scraped from the internet.

Bitcoin Boom Bryden Ford

When signing up we found out that the robot trading panel was the same one which is used for a variety of other scams, some of which were exposed right here at

Bitcoin Boom Signals

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Bitcoin Boom Fake Testimonials
We also checked and found out that the “live accounts” section is not live at all. In fact, the whole testimonials section is completely fabricated. Its actually quite easy to spot as the images presented don’t do not pass as real people.

Bitcoin Boom Fake Testimonials

What is Bitcoin Boom and How Does It Work?
Ford claims the Bitcoin Boom app will generate profits for you “on auto-pilot 24/7 while you sleep”. There is no real discussion about how the software architecture and what is the logic behind the algorithms. We also don’t see any kind of back testing or genuine results from the broker accounts. This obviously means that it is a scam, no doubt about it!

Bitcoin Boom Review, No Bryden Ford Will Not Make You A Millionaire!
The biggest problem related to Bitcoin Boom is that it is a complete clone and replica of previous crypto robots as we have mentioned. Cloned apps are the scourge of the Forex industry and this trend does not show any signs of abating any time soon. Moving along, we didn’t find anything of value in this rehashed sales pitch. Specifically, we didn’t hear any reference to the contract types and rates, there is no ISO 9000 certification, and there is no reference to the assets index and what types of assets are available at any given time. Contrarily you will find repetitive phrases about making $5,000 a day on auto-pilot and living the kind of lifestyle reserved only for millionaires and celebrities.

Bitcoin Boom Critical Security Risk

To top it off, we conducted our usual security check and found out that Bitcoin Boom is blacklisted by McAfee. It’s actually considered a “critical security risk”, which means that your personal financial data is compromised if you join this software.

Is it Free?
No. It will cost you at least $/£/€250 , and in some cases $/£/€500 in order to get started using this thieving software. The crooks who will charge your credit card are the brokers which may or may not be licensed.

Fake Bitcoin Boom Reviews
Actually true to now, we are the first to expose the Bitcoin Boom scam, but we are sure that there will be others who will want to endorse this losing software so they can collect their affiliate commissions.

Legitimate CFD Trading Versus Fake Crypto Bots
Trading CFDs (contracts for difference) can be very profitable, but there is also significant risk involved. There are many fraudulent systems which are riding the Bitcoin wave of success, but the returns they are promising are totally out of touch with reality. These crooks are targeting amateur traders who are clueless about online trading, and using all the media hype around Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin in order to bait and trap unsuspecting victims.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones which are hot now are Bitcoin Compass and Bitcoin Evolution.

A Few Alternative Options That Work
Our staff of diligent researchers is constantly on the lookout for new and profitable trading systems. Once in a while we decide to pick an app and review it. If it passes our screening process we add it to our recommended section and offer it to our members, so take a minute to check it out.

Bitcoin Boom Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Blacklisted Bitcoin Boom SCAM software, app, and trading platform is not to be trusted. There is nothing genuine or legitimate about this fake crypto robot, and in fact we are convinced that it operates more like a random number generator in a bingo parlor. The software was designed to lose trades, and anyone saying otherwise must have an alternative agenda so please make sure to avoid it and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Should you have any additional questions or queries, please make sure to message us via our social media or our contact page.

Bitcoin Boom Review: Is BitcoinBoom Software Scam or Genuine

Bitcoin Boom Review: Scam or legit App? Those behind claims it is a software that could make you $5000 in pure profits every day. How true is this? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams. In this review of BitcoinBoom Software, we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

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What Is BitcoinBoom

Bitcoin Boom is allegedly a bot that was recently launched in the cyber space. According to the information on their webpage, this system could help you make up to $5,000 within 24 hours with no stress at all.

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Boom

From what we see at the bottom of their home page, the BitcoinBoom System is a new automated robot designed & developed By Bryden Ford. There isn’t anything online about him, apart from the name ‘Bryden Ford’ and the picture.

How Does BitcoinBoom Bot Work

There is not much on the platform on how this platform works. The only information on the platform is on the FAQ. From what we can see, those behind BitcoinBoom .are deliberately avoiding giving much details on how this supposedly automated app for cryptocurrencies work,

BitcoinBoom Review: Why You Should Not Trust

Although the people behind this App did their best in making it look legit and convincing to the public. A thorough investigation showed that this App is not what it presents itself to be. Firstly the name ‘Bryden Ford’ is just a fictitious name, no face attached to it. We bet there is no such person as Bryden Ford’. The people behind this so called software are an anonymous lot, there is nothing online about them, No contact no address.

Unveiling the BitcoinBoom scam

  • Fake testimonials: The testimonials on the platform are obviously fake.
  • Fake Guarantees: Bryden Ford promised that with Bitcoin Boom Software, you would make at least $5000 a day. This can’t be true, there is no way you can make such money using such app. .
  • Unexplained mechanism this software works with; There is nothing on their platform about this supposed winning software. The video just contains white washed lies in form of sales pitch.
  • Not actually free: The software is not actually free. They will collect money for you and abscond with it.

Conclusion: SCAM!

Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time. On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous. So you need a guide to help you make a good decision. We have made it our duty, by exposing scams.

Our Recommendation

They are lots of online investment opportunities which could fetch you money and give you a good Return On Investment. We constantly search them out to guide our readers so they don’t fall for scams. Always feel free to interact with us in the comment section.

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We were not trained in Wall Street and don’t have advanced degrees in Mathematics or Statistics, but what we do bring to the table is practical knowledge and life experience in cryptocurrency trading, which is overwhelmingly more important than any degree investment fat cats have pinned to their wall. We are true Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and early adapters with a knack for making money and identifying cash-generating opportunities.

You should also be aware that the brave new world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is full of SCAMS, and for the untrained eye it can be quite difficult to identify or spot fraudulent software or get-rich-quick crypto scams. This is where our staff of trained professionals steps in and assists in providing much needed support, counselling, and advise. We make it a policy to actually LISTEN to what our members and viewers have to say, and only then assist in choosing the correct course of action or alternatively recommend reputable and legitimate crypto auto-traders.

Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading or Crypto Scam?
Usually it starts with an email, popup ad, or some kind of advertisement which promises an easy way to make a quick buck online. Once you click the link, you are usually directed into a sales page where the presentation begins, or alternatively there is some kind of system page where you can see some figures and stats with a brief overview of what the product is about and how to achieve financial independence. In most cases you are being manipulated and coerced into joining illegal schemes which are just the tip of the iceberg. In most cases crypto-crooks are not only only involved in one type of scam, and are diversified into HYIP’s, Ponzi Schemes, fake ICO’s, and Faucet schemes where they offer you free Satoshis for clicking links or filling out surveys. In the end you do the work and never get paid. However, once in a while a worthy crypto system hits the markets and that is when our staff starts the screening and review process. Once it passes our testing and rigorous evaluations, it gets listed in our recommended section on a provisional basis. We only keep the crypto trading apps that perform and generate money consistently.

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If your voyage into the unknown and even frightening or intimidating world of online cryptocurrency trading has just begun, then you have reached the best possible crypto robots reviews sites. We understand exactly what systems actually work, what software must be avoided, and we know when you are getting scammed or cheated by fraudulent software or rogue, unlicensed brokers who are out to get your blood. What we have attempted to do here is put together a short yet profitable list of systems which actually work. Our advise is always very practical, but more even more so based on experience. We will never recommend signals or automated trading systems we have not personally tested ourselves and viewed the results with our own eyes. This is done in order to ensure that you absolutely have access to the best possible crypto and Bitcoin trading apps in the market.

Your Search is Over!
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money then cryptocurrencies are one possible way to go about it, but there are various con artists out there so you need to be careful. If you don’t do proper due diligence then we can pretty much promise you that you will get ripped off and cheated out of your hard-earned money. While others endorse crypto scams, exposes them and we also go to great lengths to explain how we reached our conclusions.

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A Rigorous Screening Process
Our selection of approved systems undergo an intensive and professional screening process which is extremely difficult to pass. In fact this is the main reason why the vast majority of apps fail our testing phase and de facto turn into blacklisted software. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons, first and foremost the software is just not profitable. Secondly, at times the systems may generate profits but the brokers integrated with the app are not honest and steal your money. Now, it’s worthwhile noting that not all regulated brokers will treat you fairly and at times unlicensed ones will actually deliver as promised. Either way, we don’t trust any broker and that is why we have leverage in the form of withdraw-able balance which we hold on to in case one of our members is bounced around.

Best Crypto Robots and Signals
If you are an amateur crypto or bitcoin trader just starting out, then you should know that there are new crypto robots which are being launched on a daily basis. In most cases traders only see the front end of the software. Namely the design, sales page, and registration forms. This is an exterior which is designed to mislead and deceive you in most cases. Fake testimonials, hyped-up and exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, as well as outright lies and fabrications are indicative of the types of get-rich-quick crypto scams which are presented to would-be traders and opportunity-seekers wanting to cash in on a legit crypto app.

Our recommended section consists of tested and verified crypto trading systems. Some are based on trading crypto futures and partner with select brokers, while others integrate with exchanges and are used to automated the trading process. We also have a recommended wallets page, and that is designed for newbies who are just starting out and need to signup for a wallet.

Our systems are designed for everyone who wants to get started trading crypto or bitcoin regardless of their experience or knowledge in the online trading scene. If you have been disappointed, let down, scammed, and cheated out of your money then we are here for you. We have gone through this process ourselves and will make sure you do not have to.

Everything our staff does here is customer-oriented and designed with the best of intentions. So of course, life can hit hard sometimes and everyone is searching the internet for an easy way to make a quick buck. But not all which glitters is gold and before you buy into a program you need to make sure you read the fine print, or at least have a trusted site that will perform this service for you and condense the information into clear and easy to understand, actionable items.

Did You Know?

Research has shown that investment scams account for £ 87 Million, and that’s just in the United Kingdom. Fraudulent trading systems are just a part of the landscape, and Ponzi Schemes such as the infamous Bitconnect, HYIP’s, ICO’s, Binary Options, and fake faucet schemes are the guilty culprits and employ thousands of individuals who bend to their will.

Especially susceptible are pensioners, the unemployed, and just anyone who is in a tough financial situation and looking to make a change. The media is full of news about incredible success stories which create an amazing title, but in reality account for a very small percentage of the population. In fact, if anything the exact opposite is true and the vast majority of people who start out trading cryptocurrencies or buy into some type of scheme will end up losing their money and that is a proven fact which can’t be disputed. Most trading apps fail because they are designed to general income for the promoters who refer clients and for the merchants which receive them and provide a trading arena or some type of service. Fortunately, our team of crypto detectives are very well trained in detecting scams so if you are unsure or would like to consult with our staff we are here for you at all times.

How to Avoid the Scams and Fake Crypto Robots

The abundance of systems and products which have rolled out recently can be overwhelming. At times we just can’t process all the information which is being thrown our way. Segwit, FIAT currencies, faucets, Schnorr signatures, and other terms which keep popping up leave us awe-stricken and unable to make the right decisions. Still, it is very important to remember a few rules of thumb. First, if you see any type of hyped up or exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, fake or forged testimonials, or narratives that just don’t add up then just take a step back and start asking yourself the difficult questions (or you could just message us). Secondly, beware of anything which is offered to you for free or at no cost. The sentence “put away your credit card” or, “I’m not here to sell you anything” is an immediate red flag and should serve as a warning sign that you are about to get your wallet fleeced. Another way to identify deceptive or misleading forms of advertising has to do with how it is being marketed. For example, if you received an email inviting you to join a special program where you can make a lot of money because of a little secret, then you should immediately mark that email as spam and move on to find more legitimate forms of investing.

Other types of red flags have to do with aggressive selling tactics such as “no risk” involved or “guaranteed wins”. Online trading in all its forms involves a high degree of risk, and you should be aware of this fact before investing. Anyone telling you there is no risk involved with a certain app or software is a liar and there is a hidden agenda that you just can’t see.

Learn How to Get Started Trading With The Best Crypto and Bitcoin Robots


Don’t ever believe the hype no matter how convincing! If you are the type of person that is ready to try out anything once in order to see if it generates profits then your learning curve is about to improve dramatically . News Flash: There is no secret which will transform you into a millionaire overnight! Our staff will promptly reply to all of your questions, so just remember; When in doubt, ask! And if you are not 100% convinced that you received the right answers then keep searching. Online trading is viewed by some as a profession, and by others as a one-time test of skill and luck. Whatever side of the fence you are at, make sure to do your due diligence properly and research everything you are not sure about.


Read the fine print patiently and start to look at the details. What are the perceived benefits, how much do I have to invest, how do the signals operate, and what is the projected return on investment. These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself. Take a look at the FAQ sections and study the terminology. Ask yourself questions like “should I be paying for a subscription-based system or get one at no cost when opening a trading account with a recommended broker?” The more informed you become the less your chances are of getting ripped off by scam artists. At times you will read conflicting information, where one review site endorses a system while it is blacklisted in others. Use your common sense or just leave a message below.


Test the Support Staff: Try contacting the customer service staff and start asking the difficult questions about refund policies, hidden fees, withdrawal times, or bonus policies. If you feel that you have not received a professional and timely response then you should immediately take a step back and search for a reputable alternative.

As always, if you are hesitant and need reassurance or feedback concerning any type of automated trading systems (AKA crypto Bots) for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, or ZCash then feel free to leave a message below. As always, we would like to personally invite you to become a part of our growing crypto-community by joining our Facebook Group and subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

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