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Why Trade in the Forex Market?

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Velocity Expert Advisor

Velocity Expert Advisor

Professional Spike/Impulse Scalping Algorithm used by Big Bank Traders, Hedge Funds, and Professional Traders.

When price moves to a short term extreme, velocity strikes, jumping in and out of the market for a few pips at a time.

Small stop loss and advanced break even plus trailing stop loss keeps your trading capital safe while providing the the highest potential for profit accumulation.

Can be configured to trade continuations and/or reversals.

Select Pending Stop Orders or Market Orders.

Dozens of safety features.

Will NOT blow your account.

Can be traded on multiple pairs with low spreads.

Developed for use on the 1 minute time-frame.

Default settings are optimized for GBPUSD with settings files available for EURUSD and USDJPY. New set files will be made available in the members area.

For best results use a broker with small “Minimum Stop Levels”, preferably 0.

Use a fast connection to your broker’s trade server. A VPS combined with an ECN broker is ideal.

For more details on how to use this EA, please download the Velocity User’s Guide

Velocity – Put this Forex trader to work for you 24-hours a day!

USDJPY 4 Year Market Rev – Velocity EA

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User Defined Variables, Safety Features, Capital Preservation functions

Money Management – Drop down menu. Choose Dynamic or Fixed lots.

Risk Setting – To be used with Dynamic lot sizing above.

Fixed Lot Size – Fixed lot size to be used with fixed lots above.

Max Spread Live – Max current/live spread allowed to place a trade (Pips).

Max Spread Average – Max Average Spread (last 20 ticks) allowed to place a trade (Pips).

Trade Direction – Drop down menu. Choose Reversal, Continuation, or Both.

Entry Order Type – Drop down menu. Choose Market orders or Pending stop orders.

Order Offset – Distance in pips to place pending orders from current price.

Trail Pend – If true, pending orders will be trailed behind current price at a distance of the above offset.

Min Spike Size – Minimum Spike size (Pips).

Max Spike Size – Maximum Spike size (Pips).

Max Spike Time – Maximum time for spike to happen (Seconds).

Max Fill Time – Maximum time after spike occurs for pending orders to be filled (Seconds).

Deviation 1 – Standard Deviation setting.

ATR Multiplier – ATR will be multiplied by this factor.

Target Profit – Target Profit (Pips).

Initial Stop Loss – Stop Loss (Pips) for Initial stop loss placement.

Trailing Stop – Stop loss will be trailed behind price at this distance (Pips).

TS Activation – Number of pips into profit before trailing stop is activated.

Correct Initial Stop Loss – If true, initial stop loss will be corrected depending upon entry slippage to maintain proper Initial stop loss distance.

Use Break Even – If true, Break even function will be enabled.

BE Activation – Number of pips into profit before stop loss is moved to break even (plus pips).

BE Plus – Number of pips into profit stop loss will be moved after price reaches BE Activation pips above.

Max Positions – Maximum number of positions allowed. Pending and open positions combined.

Attempts Per Bar – Maximum number of trades allowed per spike.

Attempts Per Cycle – Maximum Number of trades allowed per “Max Fill Time” cycle.

Min Trade Spacing – Minimum distance (Pips) from last trade before new trade is entered.

Initial Balance – Drop down menu. Choose either entire account balance or a specified balance for this EA.

Specified Balance – If specified balance is chosen above, this is the amount for the EA to begin trading with.

Broker Digits – Drop down menu. Choose 4 or 5 digits.

Trade Comment – User defined trade comment. Magic Number is also added to end of comment for use in trade analysis.

Magic Number – Unique Serial number for EA. If running multiple instances on the same account and currency pair, be sure to use a Unique Magic number for each instance.

2 Part Entry Order – If true, Market orders are sent in two parts. A few ECN brokers require this.
Expiration Minutes – Expiration (Minutes) for Pending Orders. For brokers that require an expiration other than 0 (no expiration).
Advanced Options – Advanced Loss Prevention.
Enable Time Out – If true, EA will pause trading if any of the below 3 conditions occur.

Halt Max Spike Size – If spike occurs larger than this setting (Pips), Trading will be paused.

Halt Max Spread – If spread occurs larger than this setting (Pips), Trading will be paused.

Halt After X Consecutive Losses – If the EA experiences more than this many losses in a row, Trading will be paused.

Minutes To Halt Trading – If any of the above three conditions have occurred the EA will pause for this many minutes.

Enable Capital Preservation – If true, EA will pause if it losses a user defined percentage of the account in one day.

Manual Restart Required – If true, and the EA loses the above defined percent in one day, Manual intervention is required to restart trading. Otherwise trading will resume the next trading session.

Max Percentage Loss Allowed Per Day – This is the Maximum amount the EA is allowed to lose Per Day if using Capital Preservation.

Is Travelocity Safe – Air Travel Forum

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I am planning a trip to the Galapagos and I have been warned against using CheapoAir.

I was wondering if the same principle pertains to sites like Travelocity and Orbitz. I have found flights substantially cheaper to the Galapagos on Travelocity than directly through American Airlines. I would imagine the savings come from the multiple airlines utilized.

If I run into problems once booked, can I work with the Travelocity people to fix anything that goes wrong?

Also, is it worth paying for the insurance through Travelocity?

Travelocity and Orbitz are better for booking than, but I would think twice before booking a complicated routing that will have been put together by an algorithm rather than a person.

The website will cherrypick fares from airlines A, B and C, and may be able to create a routing, as you say, ‘substantially cheaper’. But consider that the cobbled-together journey may be a collection of single flights rather than a through ticket: miss a connection with separate tickets and you’ll be out of luck for the next sector, as airline A wil have contracted to fly you from (eg) MIA to LIM; airline B’s flight from LIM to SCL will be a separate matter, and if you miss it because of a late arrival from MIA then you’ll be out of luck.

The third party website may have a program that considers the minimum connection time sufficient for transferring at some airports, where in fact the MCT should be half again what is suggested. The website isn’t going to ‘know’ this – but you will if you make the booking and consider all parameters.

For a complicated routing, I’d book with the airline or have a chat with a good travel agent. Stick with airlines within the same alliance if you can, and look to make through bookings rather than a collection of singles.

Travel insurance is certainly worth it. Rather than choose what the website offers, shop around a little. Even if you are not a member of your state’s Automobile Association, check their website to see what’s offered, as they may have a package that will suit your needs at a very good rate.

Travelocity is a much more reputable online booking agent than Cheapoair, that’s for sure. However, if anything needs changing on your flight(s) – and that could include schedule changes from the airline(s) – you will still have a middleman to deal with.

What is the schedule you’re looking at? If the itinerary is substantially on American, you may be able to book it by phone directly from American as an “interline” ticket for somewhere near the fare you’re seeing on Travelocity.

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Next port of call would be a reputable full service travel agent, one you can speak to and discuss options before booking.

Travelocity may be ok, but read their T+Cs in case they have their own additional fees should you need to change your flights.

It’s been said here many times before, if at all possible book directly with the airlines, 3rd part websites even the most reliable ones are a problem if something goes wrong with the flight, it only takes an airline to change a flight so that you don’t make the connecting one to land you in trouble.

Travelocity and Orbitz are both very reputable sites and if you can save a lot of money, I would not hesitate to book there. But as others pointed out, be aware it’s more difficult to change anything when you book through the third party site. So if that happens, don’t expect great customer service. That’s one of the trade offs you accept when booking through the third party.

And definitely double check to make sure you can’t get the same routing at the same price through the airline’s own site before booking.

I’ve used Travelocity repeatedly and have never had a problem with them. As far as travel insurance goes, the one thing you have to watch out for is that almost all trip insurance policies exclude pre existing conditions.

Reading through the responses here, I’ve had a very different experience which may be relevant depending on the particulars of you travel and your situation. I’ve traveled many, many times back and forth to the Republic of Armenia and Georgia, and broadly throughout Europe and the transcaucasus region, having family there. I live in the United States as a permanent resident, and have never had problems traveling there or about before, until this time. With my father suffering a stroke, and in an increasingly unstable condition, I booked travel through Travelocity, which connected me through two European cities, Frankfurt and Vienna, before continuing on to Yerevan, Armenia. Note in the process of completing my reservation, I did note to check my documents for visa requirements for my FINAL destination, which I did. So I arrive at the airport, bags in hand, with contingent plans at my destination with family and was turned away by the airline, and had my reservation canceled. I was directed to contact Travelocity, along with another group of travelers having the EXACT same issue having booked through Travelocity – apparently this is a consistent thing with people who have used their service. After two hours of back and forth at the airport, we try to field an independent solve with no help forthcoming from Travelocity customer service, and head back home. I continued the frustrating journey for answers the next day with their customer service team who had zero answers for me, and continue to switchboard me to new people in a maddening cycle of confusion, until I’m finally told there’s nothing they can do for me, and put me onto the airline who says they also can do nothing for me, other than provide me with credit contingent on a higher future ticket fee, plus a $340 change fee, plus adjustment in travel fare. To give you all a taste of what this actually means, I had them run a separate ticket fare using this credit and the additional dollar amount including change fee and adjusted fare for my destination was over $4000 – on top of my “credit.” So, so, so helpful. So my $1300 is a complete wash and I feel like my money was stolen. A quick search now reveals this is an issue many, many people have encountered, to similar ends. How hard would it be to put a system redundancy in place to alert travelers to intermediary transit visa issues like this, outside of obvious final destination visa issues? SO INFURIATING. If they abided by their “customer bill of rights” I’d at least have a solve or some clarity at hand – zero assistance. All this is to say, do not use Travelocity. I’ve now booked a separate ticket leaving tomorrow, and having alerted them to me being a permanent resident, they provided an itinerary with ONE European transit point, instead of two, thereby allowing me zero transit visa issues en route to my final destination. Only cost me an additional $1600. Steep price, but lesson learned. Be forewarned, do your research on Travelocity before you use their service. It may cost you much more in real terms, beyond the minor savings advertised in a direct fare comparison with other similar services. My advice – book with a service who has your best interests in mind and who care about you and your customer experience, not just your money. Or as other commenters said, try and book directly with the airlines; probably worth the minor additional headache of coordinating everything independently.

Lucine. If you condense that and use paragraphs I would read it.

Unfortunately, the passenger is *ALWAYS* the one responsible to ensure appropriate visas are present for final and transit points. It isn’t the US permanent resident aspect that is tripping you up, It is your citizenship. This is not a Travelocity issue.

And yes. non-rambling paragraphs would have helped.

On line booking agents like Travelocity are not there to provide service like a walk in travel agency.

They are on line to make it easy and possibly inexpensive for you to buy tickets on airlines!

It is up to the passenger to do all the research about visas/entry requirements for various countries.

It is also up to the passenger to read carefully to see if the time allowed for transferring from one leg of the trip to the next leg is truly enough time!

Do not assume that because Travelocity books a ticket that has been cobbled together with many airlines ,that all the airlines will have reciprocal agreements for moving your luggage.

Do not assume that the time to change planes will automatically be enough time!

Do not assume that you will be in the same terminal for the next leg of your trip.

In other words it is “safe” to buy the ticket from Travelocity if YOU have done your research about everything that could possibly be involved before you hit BUY.

Once you buy the ticket it will be difficult to change things.

This is also true if you buy from an airline but when you have a very complicated route then more things can go wrong and it is harder to fix when a 3rd party is involved.

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