Disrupt Trading – Scam or Not

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Disrupt Trading has a truly fantastic story behind it. According to their promotional video, which you can find here, Greg Hardman was a lowly tech support worker on Wall Street who discovered a way to disrupt the trading of the arrogant wall street traders through millisecond delays and use the knowledge of their binary options trades to make a profit for himself.

Of course, he did this just to get back at them and this is why he wants to share the system with you for free, out of some sort of desperate need for revenge against the system. Amongst the first people he made rich with his system was his bartender, mailman, and of course the hackers who helped him create the disruption system.

So is Disrupt Trading the real deal or just another scam? See the answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Free of charge
  • Fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided
  • Unregulated broker

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is Disrupt Trading?

If you thought that Greg Hardman’s story sounded more like the script from a B-movie rather than anything remotely resembling reality, you would be right. First off, if he had actually done any of the things he claimed in the video, which is highly illegal by the way, he would not be so openly publicizing his acts of sabotage and theft. Of course, he needn’t worry about any of that because he is nothing but an actor and there is no way that anyone can make $12,000 to $15,000 a day risk-free through trading of any sort whatsoever.

We must say that the production values in this scam are much higher compared to others. For example, the actor playing Greg Hardman seems pretty competent and not just a D-rated Fiverr actor. He even appears in most of the video, which is over 45 minutes long, so this guy is clearly a professional. However, we recognized him as a supporting character in the promotional video of another scam robot, Lie Detector Millionaire. While his face is partially obscured in most of the Lie Detector Millionaire promotional video, we are convinced that it is the same person.

Of course, Disrupt Trading also uses the standard scam robot practice of stolen images or stock photos attached to fake written testimonials. If you watch closely, you can clearly see that in fact they stole the picture of actor David Arquette.

We also noted that the stolen images, testimonials, and the country flags change depending on which country you access the site from. Further, the language of the site changes as well and even the promotional video changes and has non-English subtitles. From the professional actors to the changing videos and testimonials, it is clear that the scammers behind Disrupt Trading are putting in extra effort to reach a global audience.


How Does It Work?

These free scam robots work by luring in people with zero upfront costs or any costs really. This is because they make money by affiliate commissions from the broker when their customer funds their trading account. Thus it doesn’t matter whether the robot performs as promised or not, in fact in most cases the robot is just a generic auto-trading software the scammers purchased and reuse constantly for their many scams.

Also, they probably sell your information for spam as well as to solicit you for future scams. In our case, the broker we were assigned to when signing up through Disrupt Trading was PwrTrade which is unregulated.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Big Sign-Up Bonus!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!

  • Binomo

    Only For Experienced Traders!

Final Conclusion: Is Disrupt Trading a Scam?

The scammers behind Disrupt Trading have clearly put in substantial effort behind it, as far as scams go, at least. Nevertheless a scam is still a scam and there is no way that you will be making $12,000 to $15,000 through Disrupt Trading; in fact you’ll probably lose all of your money instead. Don’t bother with this robot.

Disrupt Trading Software is a SCAM ; Check Review Points!!

After watching the video presentation of Disrupt Trading don’t start trusting it. Just like most of the trading system available over the internet this binary options trading system called Disrupt Trading created by alleged Greg Hardman is also a SCAM!

Disrupt Trading is the trading systems that promise you to get more profit into your bank account quickly and easily. But, don’t believe this trading system as it a SCAM and targeting people who are desperate to earn money quickly. Unfortunately, it will not help you in earning a single dollar as Disrupt Trading is a SCAM and we don’t have a single doubt about it.

In today’s review, we’re going to expose this binary options trading system. In the review, you will read about some common facts, proofs, that will prove Disrupt Trading is a SCAM. So before start investing in this fake trading system, we recommend you must read this review. We guarantee you will definitely save lots of money. Recently, we had exposed Millionaire Blueprint scam.

What is Disrupt Trading System?

The disrupt trading system is created by an alleged character called Greg Hardman. He claims that his trading software is one of the best and helps you in earning more profit in a short interval of time. He manages to create this binary options system with the help of his experience he gained working in top Wall Street investment firm. Greg Hardmen guarantee that his software can win all the trading without losing any.

According to Greg, anyone who wants to earn $12000 and $15000 a day can use this software for free. Free is nothing in the business of trading! Even users who don’t have experience of trading can use this binary options trading system to earn a profit.

But after reading the statement and the way they presented their software make all things suspicious and forced us to think that this trading system is SCAM. By keeping this thing in mind, we decided to do a deep research about Disrupt Trading system and what we come to know will blow your mind.

At the initial stage when we were just reading about this trading system we found that there are hundred of complaint against this system over different authority trading sites. Even some users were reporting that their credit cards charged for no reason. All these things confirm our doubt that it’s just a SCAM!.

Even we found some proofs of SCAM which you are going to read in upcoming lines and will definitely clear all your doubts about Disrupt Trading system.

Disrupt Trading Review Points

Greg Hardman is telling lie about himself

According to him, he was responsible for all the market crashes happened in last 6 years. Are you kidding? Yes, we don’t have much knowledge about the trading system, but still we know about all the stock market crashes happen in last few year. Even its also true that there were not consecutive crashes in the market in the time period of last six years. And he did all this just by picking up a glitch discovered by him. He’s lying to us.

Fake Beta Tester

Like most of the SCAM trading system, the disrupt trading also has a fake beta tester. Let’s take the example of Molly Pearson who swear that she has earned more than $12750 in a single day using DistruptTrading.com. But by doing a little research about her we found that it’s a forged image and is probably stolen from the internet. Now, this also confirmed that Andrew Femming, Arthur Doyle, and Christian Branson all of them are fake as well.

Invisible Glitch

Greg Hardmen state that with the help of glitch he discovered while he was working with some big investors helps him to take a big amount of their money underneath their noses. Now, what did you get from this statement? This means whatever he’s doing is illegal and taking what he don’t deserve or belong to him. He also shared that he found this glitch from his past work experience which means he no longer working in the company which also vacant the spot for another genius to discovered the same error and once someone else will found out the truth, We guarantee they will close down the Disrupt Trading scam system and you will lose all your money including profit.

$12k t0 $15k a day is another lie

In our previous article we have reviewed lots of binary options trading system and on the basis of the experience, we would never go for this type of system who guarantee this much amount a day. Why? Because these type of systems are SCAM. We have already proved it. We daily get lots of comments from the users who already used these type of scam trading system and not even earning the amount they investing. Even we don’t believe that anyone using any trading system is able to make at least $1000 a month. And this trading system telling us that it helps you to earn more than $15000 a day, which is not possible.

Yes if you’re using a genuine trading system, then you can earn around $600-$800 a day but not the amount Disrupt Trading is providing you.

Crashing Stock Market using Disrupt Trading from last 6 years

It’s a fake statement. When we did a research on the official website of the Disrupt trading system – DisruptTrading.com. We found that, the web pages of this binary options system start appearing in April 2020. So how he was using his auto trader system to crash the stock market from last six years? Yes, He has earned lots of money using Disrupt Trading system by fooling the people but never crashed the stock market using it.

Fake Testimonial and Review

If you scroll down to the bottom of the website you will find lots of faces with their review and testimonial about the Disrupt Trading. Most of the images were take from Google and rest from the twitter. Regarding video testimonial providers we don’t have single doubt that they are paid or fake testimonial providers.

Based on Software Glitch

Tell me one thing, why would someone like to invest money on the system which is totally based on some error or glitch. As it can be fixed anytime and the user will lose all of his money.

Our Opinion

Stay aways from Disrupt Trading system as it completely a SCAM trading system and you will definitely lose your money after investing into it. We have provides you enough proofs to call this binary options trading system a scam. Rest decision is yours.

In case you wondering to invest in this trading system, don’t forget to share our opinion with us regarding the Disrupt Trading.

Disrupt Trading Software Honest Scam Review – Scam Disrupted!

Disrupt Trading Software Honest Scam Review – Scam Disrupted!

Disrupt Trading Software- Is it Scam or not?

If there is a trick most scam developers have become accustomed to using, then it has to be the one about being ex-Wallstreet traders. Most of them use it to make unsuspecting traders think that they are dealing with professional traders while others just want to make you believe that they have been able to make lots of money in the past and would therefore not be interested in your money. Greg Hardman is one such person who has allegedly developed the Disrupt Trading Software.


To join, you simply need to enter your name and email address in the sign up form and deposit the minimum amount of $250. Since it is completely hand free, you can start raking in massive profits with just the click of a mouse. As simple as this may sound, we have identified quite a number of red flags in Disrupt Trading software and we have enough reasons to declare that what it claims are nothing but a lie.

No live results

The website claims that you can make thousands of dollars per day but there are no live results where we are shown a member’s account with the money flowing in. There is no way the scammers behind this can expect us to believe such ridiculous claims without evidence. Apart from that, we checked various online platforms with reviews of this particular scam site and we noted that not even one person came forward to claim that he or she made any money from the Disrupt Trading software.

No guarantee

The Disrupt Trading software may not have been launched yet but there are already throngs of people willing to join. However, we expected that this system would at least have a guarantee so that we can be sure that we will get our money back once we fail to make profits. There are already cases of people who invested their money in anticipation of raking in big profits only for them to get a rude shock that there was no profit in sight yet their money disappeared from their broker accounts.

Unrealistic profits

The amount of money the Disrupt Trading software promises you is unrealistic. If you think about it, very few people can be able to make more than $1000 a day, leave alone 15K. Ask yourself why someone in his right mind would want to make valuable software like Disrupt Trading software public and give it out for free instead of selling it exclusively to a few rich people. Putting all these facts together definitely does not make sense because it is like you will go to sleep a poor person and wake up as a millionaire. Unless you win a lottery, there is no way Disrupt Trading software is going to make you rich overnight. You just have to look for real software for binary options trading and work your way up the ladder through practice and experience.


It’s not free

The claim that Disrupt Trading software is 100% free is a lie. They say that to make you sign up but then there is no way you can start trading if you haven’t deposited the minimum amount of $250. This obviously means that Disrupt Trading software is not free because you have to part with your hard earned money at one point or the other. There are many people online who are complaining about how they kept investing their money to the Disrupt Trading software thinking that their luck will change only for them to find their bank accounts empty.

No additional resources

The Disrupt Trading software website does not have any kind of information that can be useful to a new binary options trader. We expected that there at least be an introduction video to prepare us on what we should expect to see in the system or its profitability but there is nothing. It seems like the professional team of binary traders is not experienced after all in binary options trading because if they were, that could have been evident in their website. With no introduction video, you can never know what to expect.

False winning rate

The website claims that the system has 100% winning rate but there is no way we can verify that to be true. There is no way a system can be 100% accurate and not make even a single loss. There has to be room for some losses. When you see a system that has such claims, you should keep your distance from it because it is just after your money.

Fake developer

If you try Googling the developer’s name, you will indeed find it but none of the results matches his face. This leads us to believe that he might just be an actor hired to pose as the developer of this scam software and at the same time hide the real identity of the developers.


If you ever see any positive reviews as regards to this software, just know that they have been written by people who have been paid by the developers of this scam site to write positive things. Most of the do not know a thing about binary options trading but they will write anything that will make you think that you are missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime. It is also good to learn from other traders’ experiences so that you can be able to make a choice as to whether or not to join any site.


The Disrupt Trading software is indeed a scam and you should stay away from it because it will only leave your bank account empty at the end. It has not been around for long and therefore its credibility is still in doubt. If you are looking to make real money with binary options trading, Disrupt Trading software is not recommended. There are many binary options systems online that you can use to make money online, you just have to know how to select the good sites from the scam sites. Find out honest and unbiased binary robot news and reviews HERE

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