eMarkets Trade Review is eMarketsTrade Scam or Legit Broker

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eMarketsTrade Review – Is emarketstrade.com scam or good forex broker?

Trading Accounts & Conditions

Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Bronze $2,500 Unspecified Around 1.5%
Silver $5,000 Unspecified Around 1.5%
Gold $10,000 Unspecified Around 1.5%
Platinum $50,000 Unspecified Around 1.5%
Diamond $100,000 Unspecified Around 1.5%
Satoshi Mogul $250,000 Unspecified Around 1.5%

eMarketsTrade is a broker, which offers access to cryptocurrencies via CFDs. That being said, their entire presentation is far from ideal, with a lot of missing information, as you can see from the table above.

eMarketsTrade Advantages

Charting by TradingView

The major benefit of trading with eMarketsTrade will have to be the top-tier charting in their web-based platform. TradingView is a third party service, which is also used by other brokers, exchanges and traders who simply like the website. The rest of the platform feels standard, with the news feed on the right side being a bit more interesting. Here is a preview:

The platform at eMarketsTrade (click to zoom)

While this is nice, it is still a web based trading platform and some trading veterans prefer having a desktop solution. One of the best ones on the market, which has proven itself over the course of many years is MetaTrader4. It offers a lot of additional functionality and equally as good (if not better) charting.

Offshore company, no regulation

eMarketsTrade only provides generic terms, when describing itself. The “Terms and conditions” reveal it is a company based on the British Virgin Islands, which goes by the name of SAS Global Trading Limited. They do not mentioned being regulated by any appropriate financial watchdog.

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Only 12 cryptocurrency pairs

The trading platform, provided by eMarketsTrade is something which we have seen at other brokers, but this one has deliberately chosen to only offer cryptocurrencies. This is a strange choice, but the worse part is that there are only twelve trading pairs, featuring the major coins, USD and EUR.

Not clear on the nature of CFDs

Given a few factors (our previous experience with this trading platform and the payment methods) we believe this to be a CFD broker. However the company mentions this deep within the terms and conditions. An unsophisticated client may easily think this is a cryptocurrency exchange, where he can buy the actual coins. For a full explanation on the difference between the two check the link below

eMarketsTrade is an unregulated cryptocurrency CFD broker. The company does relatively little to specify the exact nature of their offer. This may be viewed as an oversight, or a deliberately misleading strategy. Maybe they aspire to attract unsophisticated would be investors in cryptocurrencies.

Still the biggest issue with this company is the fact they aren’t under any regulation for financial markets intermediaries. This simply means, they are likely to be a scam. The legitimate brokers, offering cryptocurrency CFDs are alawys under some form of oversight. This is usually done by a special government agency, like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. For more information and a list of trusted crypto forex brokers, check the link below.

Broker Advantages

FXTM a regulated forex broker (regulated by CySEC, FCA and FSC), offering ECN trading on MT4 an MT5 platforms. Traders can start trading with as little as $10 and take advantage of tight fixed and variable spreads, flexible leverage and swap-free accounts.

Trading212 is a European broker with an excellent proprietary trading platform, which is now available as an iPhone app as well (we tried it out and we loved it). Trading 212’s customers enjoy fast execution a vast selection of trading instruments.

XM is broker with great bonuses and promotions. Currently we are loving its $30 no deposit bonus and deposit bonus up to $5000. Add to this the fact that it’s EU-regulated and there’s nothing more you can ask for.

FXCM is one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, licensed and regulated on four continents. FXCM wins our admirations with its over 200,000 active live accounts and daily trading volumes of over $10 billion.

FxPro is a broker we are particularly keen on: it’s regulated in the UK, offers Metatrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader – where the spreads start at 0 pips, Level II Pricing and Full Market Depth. And the best part? With FxPro you get negative balance protection.

FBS is a broker with cool marketing and promotions. It runs an loyalty program, offers a $100 no-deposit bonus for all new clients outside EU willing to try out its services, and an FBS MasterCard is also available for faster deposits and withdrawals.

FxChoice is a IFSC regulated forex broker, serving clients from all over the world. It offers premium trading conditions, including high leverage, low spreads and no hedging, scalping and FIFO restrictions.

HotForex is a EU Regulated broker, offering wide variety of trading accounts, including Auto, Social and Zero spread accounts. The minimum intial deposit for a Micro account is only $50 and is combined with 1000:1 leverage – one of the highest in the industry.

Broker Country Regulation Platform Min Deposit Review
Cyprus, UK, Mauritius CySec, FCA, FSC MT4, MT5, Web $10 Review Website
UK FCA Web €29 Review Website
Australia, Cyprus ASIC, CySEC MT4, MT5, Iress $100 Review Website
Cyprus, Australia CySec, ASIC MT4, MT5 $5 Review Website
UK, Australia, South Africa FCA, ASIC, FSCA MT4, Trading
$50 Review Website
UK, Cyprus, UAE, South Africa FCA, CySEC, DFSA, FSB MT4, MT5, FxPro
$100 Review Website
Cyprus CySEC MT4, MT5, Web $1 Review Website
Belize IFSC MT4, MT5 $100 Review Website
Cyprus, UK, South Africa, UAE CySec, FCA, FSCA, DFSA MT4, MT5, Web $5 Review Website
UK FCA MT5 $5 Review Website
UK FCA MT4, Web, MT4
for Mac
$100 Review Website

Traders` reviews for eMarketsTrade




Price feed



Customer service


Contact me before trading with eMarketstrade – total scam

If you are considering investing in and trading with eMarketstrade there are a few things you should know. DO NOT allow them to log onto your computer, DO NOT deposit any money into their account and DO NOT sign any “Declaration of Deposit” (DOD). You WILL lose all of your money. I have been dealing with eMarketstrade for over a year and I have managed to save countless people thousands and thousands of Euro/Dollar/whichever currency. I have all the needed correspondence, telephone conversation recordings, videos of their anydesk and teamviewer actions you will need to help you with your decision. Contact me on for more information. Regards Johan du Preez


Ilost R20000 plus R3100 on this emarketstrade

eMarketstrade criminal

eMarketstrade is an absolute scam. They take your money, coach you in trading even though you are never allowed to do the trading. Then they demand more money to allow you to trade with better signals. They then lose all of your funds and your account is handed over to their recovery department. From there they demand more money, apply for loans and do the wired transfers while you just watch because they make it very clear that if you don’t you will lose all of your money and then to no surprise the disappear with that money too.

I have all their detail, email communication, their different account numbers etc. Do NOT do business with them. Contact me and I will gladly share all of their strategies to prevent anyone else from suffering too.

Can’t log in

Can’t log in and make a withdrawal.

eMarketsTrade – Total Scam

eMarketstrade is a total scam. Takes all your money to trade on your behalf, never makes profit to the point where you can withdraw. Demands more and more money, logs onto your PC and applies for loans on your name to “recover your lost money”.

Anyone interested in doing business with them – rather contact me first and I will supply you with all of the facts you need to change your mind. If you have dealt with them, I have initiated legal action against them. My story can either help you or yours can strengthen my case.

E Markets Tradeare scamming thieves

eMarketsTrade.com told me lies when I first contacted them about trading. They robbed money from my bank account and credit card and put in serious debt. Then they continued to blackmail me into giving them more money to get my investment back.

When they get all the money they can, they say “thats it”, now we have taken your money we have no responsibility over how we conduct ourselves. We offer no customer support, we take no care over how our account managers operate. We provide no evidence that we have simply not deposited investors funds into our own accounts. They have not got a complaints or or appeals department. In my opinion, they are just a scam company relying on a disclaimer only sent in emails after investments have been made. They will not state to whom they answer for their trading practices.

They do not care a dam about how they treat people as long as they can steal them of their money.

Scammed of R200000

I have been scammed of R200000 from this company. Im trying to email and contact them but no response. A man contacted me on +442037698550 on the 8/11/2020 saying he would reimburse my money as it was just idle in my account. Now when I try to contact them the email does not exist. Contact number blocked

Absolute Scam

I saw an article about the company a few months back which made it look legit. Didn’t find any reviews outside of a few economy sites, but I got curious.

So I registered on their site, wanting to look at their offer. I did not immediately give them any credit card or bank account info when registering, but I made the mistake of leaving my phone number.

Oh boy was that a mistake – IMMEDIATELY after registering my phone rang (like before I could even confirm my e-mail address). A woman in very broken German (I’m German speaking) kept pressuring me for bank info. I told her I just wanted to look at the site on my own and she just would not hang up. I put my phone down and read through the scarce info on their site and got more and more suspicious. I picked the phone back up, told her I changed my mind and she kept asking me why. Would not take no for an answer and after telling her “personal finances” she wanted me to proof it to her by showing her my bank account. I laughed, told her that this is no way to treat a customer and hung up.

During the next days/weeks I kept getting calls and emails. They acted like I never said I don’t want to invest every time and when I told them again and again they kept pressing me for a “legitimate reason” why I wouldn’t want to get rich with their fine enterprise. Especially hilarious as the German they spoke was on the level of a child at best (pro tip – you want to scam someone, at least keep your kids from screaming in the background when calling them).

Well this went on for a few weeks and then sortof just stopped. The reason I am writing this today is because I am sick, can barely sleep and they called me again in the morning using a new number I haven’t blocked yet (it was. irritating to say the least).

Please – stay away from those scammers. I am very glad they never got any payment info from me and that I never invested. You might as well burn your money.

eMarketstrade scam alert

eMarketstrade steels your money – they tell you that they trade for you and that the lost the money due to the market that went down but they do not have any proof of the trades. They also keep on demanding more money to “recover” your lost money and force you to take out loans to keep finding them or you will “lose” all your funds which you already have.

They are rude, and refuse to speak to you. Even block you so you can’t contact them

eMarketsTrade – total fraud

This company is a scam to get your money. After my initial ВЈ250 registration fee ( which I was told was all I need to trade, they kept on asking me for more money ( initially ВЈ10,000, then reducing to ВЈ5,000 and finally to minimum of ВЈ2000 which they asked me to get on my credit card. My credit card advisers immediately stopped me from withdrawing any money and asked me to stop dealing with these people. Michael chase or Ford as he called himself was supposed to be my contact at eMarkets Trade who would show me how to trade ( especially bitcoin or cryptocurrency) and despite telling him that I was no longer interested , he kept on phoning me daily and emailed me also offering his companies services. I want my ВЈ250 returned and my account closed. Stay away from this company at all costs.

eMarketsTrade fraud

emarketstrade.com are on the FSMA list of fraudulent trading companies.

eMarketTrade unlicensed scam

I started with a small amount of €. Then the phone calls started “if you add this? Amount we will get you? Amount” witch I did and then they asked for more and more for ICO investment. They even asked to look in my bank account and then said you can afford to add more. Then all they gave me was bad information and lost the lot without investment in ICO. Next I get a call from recovery asking if you add? We will recover your loss. we will only place 12 percent to get your money back, so I did and the next day calls started for more money and to also look in my bank account,. This kept up for days until they believed I would put no more. They gave me advice and instead of 12 percent the lot was gone again at this time I was down high double figure thousands € and credit card max to pay. My advice to anyone thinking of investing in this company is don’t and don’t answer the phone as I had to threaten them with this to stop them asking for more money. I have had people email me with exactly same happened to them. Only give money to Emarketstraders unlicensed scam if you don’t want to see it again.
Anthony Fisher

E markettrader

Not sure whether it is a scam
I tried to contact them with no success
Yesterday their screen showed my account to be ВЈ3000 in credit
Today I cannot access it.

Emarketstrade don’t touch them what a scam

I was asked for ВЈ2500 more after my initial
ВЈ250. I was told that it was what was needed to trade successfully.
Promised the earth. Over night and before any trade,I requested to withdraw my money as I had changed my mind.Michael Chase my contact told me I couldn’t withdraw until I has made a trade. I was New to this long story short he lost me 2K and I understand that I didn’t have to make a trade and should have waited my withdrawal.still awaiting salvaged balance to be refunded

Emarketstrade are totaly scammers

I was scammed between june/july 2020 for ВЈ9000 pounds
do not trust this company or you will lose they build your confidence in them promising to make lot money .they just scam you..

I am an as*hole

I am an asshole for getting into this company (or whatever they are). These guys are cowboys, very reckless with other peoples money. Despite stating that I want low/medium risk long term investments eMarketsTrade invested 60% High Risk and 40% Medium Risk. Woke up one morning to find my deposits wiped out. Yet they ask for more! STAY AWAY ! ! ! ! !

Scam scam scam.

Watch out for AND STAY CLEAR of names like NICK FISCHER (apparent “account manager”) and TONY COOPER (apparent “Head of Recovery Department”).


Don’t be misled.

Do not trust these guys. They are very cunning. They will persuade you to put in more and more money. You will lose all of it. I did. Twice. Be warned.

I have an account with eMarketsTrade.com

my account is now block and can’t do any withdrawal or event trading.
I need help a seek for advice.

eMarketsTrade Review


Reason to avoid: No license

Listed Date: December 28, 2020

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Beware eMarketsTrade is a Non-Regulated broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade.

  • Company name: Kalessica
  • Registration/license: None
  • Registration/license requirement: –

eMarketsTrade is a Forex, CFDs and cryptocurrency broker. The company is owned and operated by Kalessica that claims to be located in Cyprus. According to the information on the website, the company is not just based in Cyprus, but it is also regulated there by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under registration number 380321. However, there is no such entity registered with the regulator. The broker provides different contact numbers with phone codes of the UK, Italy, and Germany. It usually means that the company is targeting residents of those countries, but eMarketsTrade is not authorized to provide financial services in any of the mentioned or other countries.
Moreover, the UK’s regulator Financial Conduct Authority has recently issued a warning against eMarketsTrade and Kalessica:
“This firm (Kalessica t/a emarketstrade.com) is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK. Based upon the information we hold, we believe it is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation.”

It is clear that traders should stay away from unregulated entities such as eMarketsTrade, especially when they use fake registration information to get clients’ trust. We strongly advise you to only deal with financial firms that are authorised by reliable regulators like FCA in the UK or CySEC in Cyprus. You can always check the registers of the authorized brokers on their website to ensure that the company you want to invest with is properly regulated. Check the list of the CySEC-regulated brokers.

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