Evestin Forex Review Is this a legit forex robot

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Evestin Forex Review: Is this a legit forex robot?

The EvestinForex correctly spelled as Evestin Forex is a forex trading robot that claims to help clients move from ordinary people to become experts connected with extraordinary automated trading strategies. It is founded by Ivo Lushe who is a “robot trader” who claim that the future of business is in the hands of automated trading and that trading with robots promotes discipline, does away with emotions and gives confidence that are all needed to make profit and gains.

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How Evestin Forex Works

It is clear from onset as shown on the website that the robot monitoring the markets will be in the full control of the trader. From the Evestin Forex strategy guide it can be seen that there are four different robots, each with a detailed transparent show of how they work. Each trading robot comes with a pre-configured chart template with everything set for traders to just fill and begin with. There is a support team to help inexperienced traders each step of the way and also study the market to keep reviewing and adjusting the robots. The four categories of Evestin Forex robots have unique trading strategies, they are: SATOSHI, SATOSHI GOLD, SATOSHI FB, and GUNNER. There is a free ebook on the website that gives the details about the operations of each robot. The trading pairs made available are: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and AUDUSD.

What Are You Required to Do?

To become a member of the trading robots team at Evestin Forex, you are to $99 every month. This price is for every robot in the package.


To get help and information, traders are to send an email to [email protected]


Going through the information made available by Evestin Forex, it shows that these are real professionals that know their tea. The transparent manner with which they explain their strategy may also reveal that they have nothing to hide unlike many scam products. However, the program has been around for four years and it still does not have a certain positive review on the internet as the negative ones seem to tilt the scales. It is not a very popular robot for one that have been on the Forex trading for a while now so it is difficult to say it is a legit product. The pricing is another matter as though the presentation may seem enticing, there are cheaper robot packages available. The results that can be found in the ebook is also presented in a spreadsheet that can be tweaked to fit what they want people to see. They have no available Myfxbook account which is clearly a major concern. It is imperative for them to fix these faults to get more favorable reviews in future.

EvestinForex.com Review Visit site

About EvestinForex.com

The EvestinForex MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The EvestinForex automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform places trades for you.

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Live discussion

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EvestinForex.com profile provided by Ivo Lux, Apr 26, 2020

We are a team of traders and entrepreneurs who specialise in automated trading systems (robot trading) for forex market. We develop, trade and share our expert advisors on secure cloud server, meaning all our clients get pre-installed mt4 trading platform that is preset with our trading robots. As a result we all get the same trades so there is nowhere to hide.

Our trading robots have been crated using real life manual trading strategies, as used by professional traders for many years. No curve-fitting, no high leverage, no martingale or grid trading here. Just simple forex strategies that work.

Together we have more than 20 years of trading experience and you can rest assured that we take trading very seriously. We use strict money management rules, restricting drawdowns to max 30% and target modest, but consistent profit of 10-12% per month.

Try our robots 14-days for FREE here: www.evestinforex.com/free-trial/

With our partnership with Forex Peace Army we offer FPA community members one month trading on our Live server totally FREE. FPA members sign up here: www.evestinforex.com/forex-peace-army/

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To your success,

Evestin Forex team


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Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

Your feedback matters!

Consumer Reviews

In response to DerkFX,

The trader was having broker connection issues on his MT4 and still managed to earn +4% on his account! Pretty good going. Imagine the returns made if the trader did not have issues with his broker connection.

As explained to the trader, Evestin provides trading robots and VPS, we don’t own or manage MT4 trading platform. Any issues with broker connections should be addressed to the broker directly. We have no control over this so we can’t be made accountable for something that is totally out of our reach.
Still, as a goodwill gesture, we offered a free subscription extension to the trader which he refused and demanded a refund after 12 months of using the product and not logging a support ticket for the last 6 months.

We’re sorry to hear that your expectations were not matched. At Evestin Forex we’re always open and transparent with our traders about trading results and managing expectations.
Furthermore, individual trade results will depend on the size of funds you trade with and the risk level per trade you choose.

I reviewed Evestin Forex soon after I joined back in March. 6 months on… am I still impressed? Yes, absolutely!

My account gained 32% from March to end of July 2020 (at 2% risk per trade). The gains were consistent month after month and the drawdowns, low.

So far, so good. But what makes me trust that the good results will continue? In short, it’s Ivo’s approach to the system he’s developed.

The system is actually a portfolio of 4 robots, meaning you have a better chance of having a winning month, no matter the type of market. You are not dependent on the results of one robot.

I also like that each robot’s results are reviewed quarterly and optimized as needed.
Finally, you control the risk levels, and Ivo gives professional advice to ensure you have them setup right.

Oh, and one last point. The customer service is excellent. I’ve asked a lot of questions over the last 6 months. I’ve always received quick replies. And through my interaction with Ivo, I’ve understood he’s in it for the long term.

That by itself makes me sleep soundly at night!

Mar 9, 2020 – 4 Stars I’m only a month with Evest in Forex, so the most useful thing I can say , is that the results have been impressive so far. They are similar to the the historical results achieved by the robots since 2020, so I’m confident in getting excellent returns this year.

The customer service is great. Ivo, the man behind the robots, ensured I got set up quickly, and when I have questions, he always replies without delay. I like that!

What gives me extra peace of mind is Ivo’s attitude. He seems genuinely interested in getting results for his clients, and he has ambition!

Thanks Ivo! I’m glad that our paths crossed!

Reply by ivoevestin submitted Apr 5, 2020 Thank you, Alex, for your kind words.

I’m glad you noticed the passion and the character that I and my systems have.

Thank you, Warren, for your praise to our systems.

We’re really grateful that you’re enjoying trading with our systems. And that our ongoing support and education give you the confidence to continually add extra funds to your trading account.

Thank you from all the team :)

First of all, I’ve started adding more money to my account after your last video really inspired me.

Secondly I’m continually amazed at how the robots perform. This week in particular checking on my accounts at different times during my night shift work I’ve seen active orders move from negative to positive. I check the robot performance against another trading platform I have with custom indicators showing price action. At times I understand why the robots have placed orders and other times I’m perplexed why the robot has placed a trade, then amazed at the robot trades winning.

I’m learning new things with these robots.

Due to my job work hours now, these robots are essential for my trading success.

Started trading Live with Robots with a minimum size account (using all Four Robots) towards the end of January. Things started off a little wobbly and Ivo made some adjustment to the Robots to take account of market conditions and Brokers with wider spreads. Following the upgrade things started to improve towards the end of March.

I opened a much larger account at the beginning of April and now up 10% over the last 30 days – this would have been more but I somehow managed to turn of the Robots and missed the last winning trade.

It is still early days but definitely heading in the right direction.

See my earlier post under Tony G. well, it’s now end of March, and have sadly pressed the Autotrade Off button on this EA today. Going into January, my account was up to $200 profit after 3months (remember the annual fee was $799), so this would just pay for itself at this rate). However, I decided to upgrade to include the Cable bot. Now paying $999 per annum. Cable blew up shortly after and lost approx $400 in one day. I decided to put in an extra $2000 to try and increase profit margin. Since then, my account has been in limbo, profit from one bot being wiped out by another. By March, decided to cancel Cable (after it being “adjusted” twice), my account still down by $200, now 6months in. Today, looked again, and saw another situation of 2 steps forward and 4 steps back. With the annual payment and loss, it’s not worth it to carry on. I’ll use the money elsewhere and recoup my losses in a couple of months. Evestin are helpful and this is not a scam, just the performance of the system is pretty bad against others on the market, for a lot cheaper price. Warning, if you get the cable subscription for $999, if you want to cancel early, Ivo will charge you the rate of $149 per month deduction from your initial payment, so if you’re already 6months in, you’ll get back enough for a bus fare home. Personally, I don’t recommend this EA system, one for the price, and the returns are far below expected too. Ivo says this is for the long term, but i don’t see paying that amount per annum and just enough profits to scrape by as acceptable for the price.

Nov 4, 2020 – 4 Stars I happened to come across Evestin by pure chance. After looking into how the bots actually work, I decided to give it a go as I’m a trader myself and thought the methods are a lot more robust than other fly-by-night versions you may come across. Plus, the main benefit is that the bots all use stop losses and risk control, the system runs on their secure servers which is an excellent idea. I’ve deposited a small amount to start as I want to see how it performs over some time, but at present, I’ve only been using the system for just over two weeks. My risk is set at 2% and current profits are at approx 5%, which I find very acceptable. If the system proves to be as good over the coming months, I shall be depositing a much more substantial amount. The response from support is quick and efficient, and very forthcoming with information. The fees are quite reasonable for the service they provide, and obviously makes it more worthwhile to deposit a larger amount to make the program worthwhile, but for the moment, I recommend this service to at least give it a go and find out for yourself. Also, setting up the broker account (Pepperstone) was a very simple process and they too are as helpful.

To response to Tony’s review.

I’m sorry to hear that you have decided to stop trading with our systems.
Just as you turned off the systems we had number of winners and ended March in profit (this is no joke, you can check the trades under our tracked accounts provided to our traders)
It’s just another reminder how patients pay off in this business.
I repeatedly said that you need to give our systems at least 1 year and expect to have 2-3 losing months every year and allow for 10 losing trades in a row. But sadly traders just ignore the warnings and look for easy money. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is for serious traders with a focus on long-term success. I see this every day from retail traders. As soon as they get few losers they go on looking for a new “holy grail” system not understanding that this is a game of probabilities.

Admittedly, we had few issues with Cable robot this year and it was unfortunate that you updated to Cable robot only in January so did not the get the profits from this robot since the start. But saying that it blown up is wrong. We never got anywhere near the suggested maximum drawdown figures for Cable robot. We also offered you a full refund (which we did not have to do) for the Cable robot update which you accepted.

Our pricing (which you said in the previous review as reasonable) includes fully managed VPS, all our EA’s, trade account tracking and consistent ongoing updates to our systems. Which is exactly what we did so meticulously for the Cable robot and have vastly improved it now.

If anything, Tony’s review should be a good reminder to all the traders out there that struggle to stick to one system for more than few months and system hop every time they get few losers in a row. They find a new system that they trade till the next few losers come and so this circle continues on with trader never making any money.
All the traders who stick with our systems for more than 6 months with the recommended settings ALL are profitable. (you can contact me for verified trade results)

Evestin Forex Review

Expert Advisors and FX Robots are on the rise in the Forex trading market, allowing even novice traders to trade professionally with the help of an automated application. Evestin Forex is one such EA, which is the focus of this review. They offer four different Forex robots, each with a unique strategy.

Evestin Forex provides its users with a set of 4 efficient trading robots named Satoshi, Satoshi Gold, Satoshi FB and Gunner. The creator of the program, Ivo Luhse is also known for his work with another popular trading robot called DaraTrade. Initially launched back in 2020, the project still hasn’t gained the reputation or the popularity that some of its competitors have.

Product Offering

Type: FX Robot
Price: $99 per Month
Strategy: Multiple
Timeframe: Undisclosed
Currency Pairs: AUD/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD

Evestin Forex at a Glance

The system promises professional grade risk management, with only a small percentage of the user’s account being used on each trade. The risk level can be adjusted according to the user’s risk tolerance. The main website is very appealing and professionally designed. The Evestin team has also included detailed explanations of the components involved, as well as the trading strategy. It even provides a PDF that serves as guide for its users.

There are two important aspects about the robot that the developer wants the community to be aware of. The fact that the user has full control over the robot and its activities and that they have a proven strategy, is mentioned multiple times in the website.

Trading Strategy

As mentioned before, the Evestin team provides a free pdf that serves as a strategy guide for its users. This level of transparency and assistance is certainly a breath of fresh air when trading robots are concerned.

For instance, the Satoshi robot uses four high probability reversal patterns for its strategy; the Hammer, Shooting Star Bearish Engulfing and Bullish engulfing. The strategies of the other robots are further explained in detail in the PDF they provide.

Evestin Forex Trading Results

Prospective users usually look for proven test results from authoritative sites such as myfxbook or fxblue. However, in this case, detailed statistics are provided in the PDF they offer. It includes details such as win rate, average reward, to risk ratio, average trades per month and positive expectancy. They have also included some back testing results for each of the robots in a separate PDF.

The fact that Evestin Forex does not provide a verified myfxbook or fxblue account raises questions about the legitimacy of the figures provided by them.

Customer Reviews

Evestin Forex has received both positive and negative reviews on various forums and review sites. Some examples are attached below.

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