Profit Maximizer Scam Review – Read This First

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Profit Maximiser Review

If you are reading this, you must be interested in making money from online sources. Because seriously, who does not want to seize the opportunity? You want to live a luxury lifestyle as well, but the problem is that many people will do anything to make money.

There are many opportunities for fraudsters to come in and entice you to spend irresponsibly, especially on betting sites. However, there are good sites where you can make your money work for you. You may have heard of Profit Maximiser, so this review will establish if it is worth a try.

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What is the site about?

This is a trading software (binary-based), which offers you chances to make thousands of pounds per day through activities like deposit bonuses in casinos. Binary trades are usually very difficult to win because it is all about probabilities, but the site claims to have a solution to this issue.

All you are required to do is invest in winning trades suggested by the software since it identifies them for you. You can also leave the software in autopilot mode so that it can pull profits on your behalf. In fact, it even shows you how to begin profiting from bonuses and free bets.

If you have worries about free bets ending, do not worry about it any longer – the site has reload offers, which allow you to make profits from casinos on a regular basis. This is similar to another site, Oddsmonkey, which shares the offers from bookies as well as guaranteed profits, meaning you are able to make a good amount every month.

How it works

The company uses data from bookmakers and casinos. They post this data every day on their website, and it includes offers from price boosts, as well as free bets and other offers. You then receive advice on making profits (guaranteed) on every offer through matched betting.

The good news is there are various tools that you can use on the site, all to assist you to increase your betting efficiency and profit-making. You will always get a good offer every day, and this will help you especially for casino offers.


Many people are skeptical of this site (and any other site promising you wins). It is mostly because the site is not sleek like the competitor sites. However, do not let the design of the site fool you – it is very reliable. We have included a breakdown of the price structure, in case you want to test the waters.

The site offers you a trial period of two weeks after you sign up. It is not free, but it is not expensive either – you only pay 1 pound for the trial period. If you want to go ahead and purchase access for a year, you have to pay 99 pounds+VAT. In fact, the trial offer gives you unlimited access for the whole duration.

This offer is good, considering sites where you pay minimum amounts of 150 pounds for full access.

What does the site include?

Just as with other casino and betting sites, you can get various products on this site, while it also has add-ons purchased separately. You may get confused when you are first narrowing down what exactly you want, but here are some of their products in detail.

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A Facebook forum

No man is an island, and this community forum is an excellent example of that. If you do not like the idea of signing up to so many websites in the name of locating user support, this is a good option for you. In fact, the Profit Maximiser community on Facebook offers a very good chance of acquiring tips and skills at all opportunities since they are close-knit.

You will find the best bonus hunters and bettors here, and it is where you can locate loopholes in casinos – empowering you to make so much money within a short time. As with casinos, time is money – you do not want the casino owner to discover you before you maximize the opportunity. Most casinos will not offer you a chance like this.

Offers from casinos

This happens to be the greatest strength of the site. They use variance in their operation, which is the usual process of having fluctuations in your profit and loss, instead of consistent and gradual profit build-up that is a typical feature of regular betting.

Because of this, the offers that you get on the site from casinos are a positive expected value (+EV). This means that you have a guarantee of getting decent levels of profit if you finish enough of them. You can also get some good wins as well.

If you are not sure about this, the site itself has proof of these wins, with the highest prize an individual won was 200,000 pounds in 2020. You may not reach this extent of prize money, but good things happen every day:

For matched bets, it is better, to begin with, an amount of 100 pounds, while casino offers require higher amounts; starting with 200 pounds should sort you out. As you continue and increase your expertise, you will begin adding more money for bets. The higher the money you place, the higher your winning chances will become.

If you are into casino offers, this is the best place for you, while Oddsmonkey is better if you are into sports betting.

Bets on sports

The site may not be the best at this task (Oddsmonkey is a better alternative), but it is not very bad either. You can make any offers that bookmakers release to achieve profits. Several tools that you can use on the site to make money include:

  • Oddsmatcher – this tool helps to make close matches as possible between the odds of the bookmaker and betting exchange sites like Betfair. You do not need to worry about finding close matches – in fact, the tool does all the work for you. All you will do is input the correct data in the calculator lay your stake and know the profit you will make before you begin placing bets.
  • Offer calendars – you will get emails alerting you to all daily casino offers and bookmaker data, as well as the site having a calendar. This is great since you will not miss events because you forgot about them, while it also provides you with opportunities to think about offers lasting more than a day. Think about it as your personal organizer.
  • Tutorials – accessed on the private site as long as you are a registered user. The Profit Maximiser tutorials include both videos and written guidelines. These will help you learn the ropes quickly, allowing you to make money under less pressure and stress. You can also pick them in any format that you want.

What about Email support?

The site sets itself from its competition because of the email support, which is among the best out there. The site is user-friendly, and you can find the information that you want most of the time. Some things may need personalized attention, such as billing information. The good news is the site is very good at handling this.

Are there any add-ons?

The site does have add-ons, though you need to purchase them. This is unlike Oddsmonkey, their closest competitor, which has value for your money and is, therefore, a better site in this regard. There are some excellent add-on products good enough to list at the very least. They are unique, and you cannot find them on competitor sites.

  • Accumulator generators – this feature will accumulate your profits within stipulated times. The best part is the guarantee of profits.
  • Matched betting software – unlike the basic odds matcher on the site, this is a sort of ‘deluxe’ version. It comes with advanced oddsmatcher, dutching software, in-play odds software, and a horse racing software.
  • Bonus bag – mostly for new people who have never done betting before. It guides you through all the offers that come with sign-ups.
  • Bookie blowout – a horse racing software. It provides you with tips that you can use just before a race to make instant profits.
  • EV Maximisers – the problem with many betting sites is the inaccuracy in their calculators, resulting in plenty of losses on your end. This software, however, gives you pointers to understanding profitable and non-profitable offers. Not only this, but it also tells you the average amount of money you should be making for specific periods.
  • Betfair sniper – another horseracing tool. It allows you to trade swings before the race begins, which results in good wins. In addition, you can score a huge win if you underlay.
  • Each way snipers – another horse racing software. It enables you to make use of horse races that give you maximum wins at minimum risk.


If your priority is making money, even when the website does not look sleek, then Profit Maximiser is a good choice. It is easily among the best you can find, though its closest competitor Oddsmonkey beats it in some aspects such as the sports betting and add-on capabilities. Overall, both companies offer excellent value for money, and we’re confident that you will see a return on your investment whichever you choose.

Profit Maximizer Review – Is It Real or You Better Avoid it?

I am trying to inspect all the new coming Forex trading solutions in order to check if their performance responds to the high standards of the financial trading sector. This led me to the Profit Maximizer. In order one system to be reliable and successful on the market, it has to prove its legitimacy and profitability. However, we all know that this is something that only a few online trading platforms manage to do. The rest are just scams that are wasting your time and savings. So, in this review, I am going to expose another fraudulent Forex trading robot called Profit Maximizer and created by James Forley.

Review Verdict: Profit Maximizer is a SCAM!

Make sure to read the following article to get informed of the evidence that convinced me to issue my negative verdict. However, keep in mind that there are already many deceived people who had joined the robot based on false reviews that say it is legit.

Profit Maximizer By James Forley – First Look At The System

The Forex online trading platform Profit Maximizer version 2.0 claims that it is able to explore a secret market loophole. Then it places highly winning trades. If you keep track of the newly released Forex systems you already know that there are actually many products that claim to have found the mentioned loophole and earn profits thanks to this fact. However, as far as I know, the financial market is a really stable and secure organization and there aren’t any loopholes in it.

ProfitMaximizer Software – Scam Warning!

Another great proof that confirms the scam status of the ProfitMaximizer trading system is the fact that the creator, Mr. Forley, asks every trader to donate $1,000 to a charity organization once he starts earning considerable profits. If you closely inspect this statement you will see that it is false and not true. Imagine that you do not donate anything. How is the creator of the software going to find out? There is no way that to happen so, this is just s trick which purpose is to make people believe in the noble motives of Mr. Forley.

Also, there is actually not a single trader to verify the profitability of this scam due to the fact that there are no satisfied users of the robot, nor successful investors that had remained pleased with the performance it conducts. Furthermore, it seems like all the photos of allegedly satisfied members of the software, are just stock-images and do not belong to really existing traders.

How Does Profit Maximizer Works?

I watched the whole promo video of the product in order to get information on the working process it has. The funny thing is that there is not such information provided to the viewers. It is only said that the online trading robot was able to take advantage of some market loophole in order to predict the outcome of each trade placed.

Review Verdict: Profit Maximizer is a SCAM!

So, this basically means is that it does not study the market or monitor the assets’ price movements. In fact, it doesn’t apply any working and proven to be successful method to produce its trading signals.

False Endorsements

Another interesting but very disturbing fact I was able to discover is that the scam Forex system was endorsed by sites with notorious fame, and this raises serious concerns related to the legitimacy of the Forex trading robot. I won’t ignore that because it is obvious for those sites that they are fraudulent and bogus due to their endorsement of fraudulent software. Many of the products they endorse turned out to be scams. Apart from that, there is no reputable organization, company or media that really endorses the Profit Maximizer online trading system.

Fake Creator Identity

I decided to further inspect the origins of the software so I googled James Forley, the man behind this scam trading platform and I couldn’t find any relevant and substantial information about him. And this is really suspicious because If he was a really successful investor, there would be online data to verify and confirm that not to mention the fact that there would be many financial platforms to note the release of his trading solution. So, this clearly shows me that Profit Maximizer software is just not real and authentic but fraudulent and fake Forex trading machine.

Final Words On The Profit Maximizer System

The one last thing I would like to share with you, concerning this Forex trading robot is that you should stay away from it because it is clearly a scam that isn’t of any use for you. Continue your search for reliable and legit Forex trading system and don’t fall into this fraudulent deal.

Review Verdict: Profit Maximizer is a SCAM

Hello, I am Collin Tyusm. I am a Forex blogger. I have created my blog, because I want to help people learn more about Forex & CFD Trading Software and Bots.

Profit Maximizer Is Scam System !! 2.0 Avoid !

In this latest review we expose that, Profit Maximizer is Scam System launched a few days ago. See the detailed evidence that convinced us that it is a fraud. If you had not already signed for the software, wait until you have read this detailed review. We are surprised that many people were deceived into signing for the fraudulent Profit Maximizer system based on a false review presented by some websites like and Empireoption.

The scam software Profit Maximizer 2.0 Version providers claims that it works by exploring the secret loophole that exists in the binary options market and then execute trades based on that. When it talked about loophole, it catches our attention as professional traders as we begin to wonder about those loopholes, and where they exist. As far we are concerned, financial assets market is a well-organized market that does not have any loophole.

One funny thing we observed about the software is which deceives many people into believing that profit maximize is real is the assertion that you must donate one thousand dollars to charity when the millions begin to roll in. You should not be deceived by this. Does James Forley the creator of Profit Maximizer system monitor your bank account? How would they know that you have donated one thousand dollars or not. Do they have any particular charity they want you to donate to? This is evidence that Profit Maximizer 2.0 is a fraud.

When you sign into the website, you would be greeted with the message that only one hundred spots were available. It would begin a countdown from ten minutes within which you were supposed to acquire Profit maximizer software or you would lose the opportunity. When you refresh the page, you would notice that it would start the counting afresh. This is to show you that it is a swindle. It would continue to count.

Why Profit Maximizer System is a Scam ; Real Facts

Everything is there to point out that, profit maximizer is a cheat. If you were not careful, this scam system would wipe away your money within a few days. Here are more evidences that would convince you that the Profit maximizer app is a swindle.

A single verified trader does not back the claims

The first thing you consider when analyzing software is whether any verified trader backed it. Unfortunately, no single verified trader backed the claim by Profit maximizer. All the bank accounts brandished in the website are fake. Anybody can fake a bank account balance as provide them as evidence of profit making. Plenty of people would do that for you at for just $5. You can get as many as you can once you can pay for it at and other similar websites. You can be sure that all the video shots, screenshots, and all the claims presented by Profit maximizer method are fake; they were paid to get that from sites like So nobody should be impressed by such claims, as it is not new and not believable.

For the fact that Profit Maximizer was endorsed by sites like, has raised a serious concern about the authenticity of the system. This fact cannot be ignored because is acquiring a notorious reputation because of its endorsement of fraudulent software. Many of the products it endorsed have turned out to be a scam and had defrauded people of their investment. For instance, had endorsed the following fraud robots; they include 30 Day Change, Binary Matrix Pro, Insured Profits, as well as Insider John and several others. For the fact that most of systems they have endorsed have turned out to be fake made us suspect them as conniving with scam . This is another reason we raised our red flag for Profit Maximizer App. It has not been endorsed by any reputable organization.

Also see : Insiders Circle A Scam Software or not , check the readers feeback

Fake Identity Review exposed

We Google James Forley, the man behind the Profit Maximizer software and we did not find anything useful about him. If he has been a successful trader, there would have been interesting success stories about him on the internet that could warrant his production of the system. We did not find any evidence to support that he was such a brilliant and successful trader. This clearly shows that people behind this Product were not real.

Furthermore, after watching the video, we did not see anything about how Profit Maximizer derives their algorithm. It only said that it discovered a loophole in the system, which it explored to predict the outcome of a trade. It does not study the market or monitor price movement. It shows that it does not rely on any conventional method to deliver its signals. This is another reason we raised our red flag against this fraudulent system.

Rich Quick scam

We can only decipher that Profit Maximizer is another rich quick system. It claims that you can make several thousands of dollars just after trading for some minutes. This clearly shows that creators ,do not understand how binary options market works. It is a volatile market that is not easily predictable. For any system like Profit Maximizer to promise you quick money is nothing but a fraud.

Are you going to make money using Profit Maximizer Software ?

If you think that you can make money using Profit Maximizer, then you should think twice, because you can never make money using the scandalous software. Instead of making money, you could lose your investment. Profit Maximizer was not meant for you to earn money, but to defraud you. This information is enough for you to stay away from the scam.

If you are looking for trusted software to make money – then Check the Virtnext Review and the Real Users Feedback posted in the comments section


Our conclusion is that you should beware of Profit Maximizer app. It is a scam and it would not do you any good. There is no doubt that this profit maximizer scam review would be beneficial. If you are in doubt about any software, you should visit our website. We are good at exposing all binary scam systems and we only endorsing legit and tested software . post your comments below

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