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The Quick Cash System is a new automated binary trading signal service that claims they can turn a profit of 90% for their traders. These completely free signals (or so they claim) have been formulated by high successful traders who have designed this new software trading platform.

Traders have the option to use the autopilot selection or perform manual trades. However, it’s only a matter of time before your cash runs out before you even begin to participate in binary options trading. Upon reports of recent traders, most of the account holders have lost their money as opposed to turning a huge profit as the Quick Cash System video promises its traders.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

– 100% Automated Software

– Customer Service appears to be non-existent
– Little to no tradable assets available for traders
– Earnings ratios are not reliable
– Nothing but negative feedback from customers

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

Quick Cash System Secret

The Quick Cash System is a service that provides free, automated binary trading signals. The website claims that highly successful traders created the winning formula for their software and that they can provide up to 90% profit for their traders.

You can conduct trades manually and forego their automation service if you decide to use their system. But you’ll find yourself out of money quickly if any of the reports of recent Quick Cash System users have merit…and we think they do.

Most of these account holders say they lost money instead of reaping the huge financial rewards the system promised. We’ve seen this so many times with other binary options services that turned out to be run by scammers who only desired to put a divide between traders and their money.

To the experienced eye, the Quick Cash System has several alarming signs of scammers past and it gives off signs of exploitation attempts of vulnerable traders.

As we have seen with so many other binary options scams, the Quick Cash System also attempts to exploit the vulnerability of its traders who are interested in profiting from binary trades. The brains behind these scams have become masters at manipulating traders out of their hard earned money.

According to the video, traders who take advantage of the Quick Cash System will be able to become millionaires and quit their jobs in as little as one hundred days. Little do traders know, that the only millionaires are the creators of these binary platforms who are paid extremely high commissions to entice traders to sign with their recommended brokers and deposit their savings into an online account so they can take your money and run away!

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Big Sign-Up Bonus!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!

  • Binomo

    Only For Experienced Traders!

Binary options auto trading bots can be extremely risky and potentially dangerous if you don’t take the time to investigate a company before signing with one of their brokers.

User Opinions

According to the opinions I found online, Quick Cash System is not the most reliable trading system on the market. Here are some examples:

Quick Cash System Sarah Markel

Sarah Markel, the CEO of the Quick Cash System, claims to be a highly successful trader who made millions utilizing this software, which she is now offering for free to all traders. She claims that this system is useful for both experienced traders and those new to the binary options trading market. Should we believe anything she says?

Sadly, there is a huge amount of traders who fall for scams like this every day and lose hundreds to thousands of dollars. If the Quick Cash System were as successful as it claims to be, we would see nothing but successful trades, but realistically, binary trading is a gamble and there are not guarantees, so traders always need to proceed with caution.


Quick Cash System Red Flags

You can see the red flags with the Quick Cash System right from the start. They look similar to other dodgy programs, both past and present. Here are just a few that should make you hit the brakes on investing into the program:

– This system promises you gargantuan amounts of money in a very short time. So why can’t they do better than a free email address from Google as part of their customer service? You’d think they’d at least use one associated with their domain name. So maybe the system isn’t as successful as they tout.

– They promise over 99% winning rate but their own trades list already shows that to be false. You see a significant number of trade losses which would make up more than the 0.01% losing trade ratio they advertise.

– No matter how good it sounds, people’s gut instinct screams skepticism whenever someone promises them an impossible dream. Quick Cash System tries to make a case for you to give up your day job right away because, with their system, you’ll be a millionaire in a few months anyway.

Normal business entities don’t make those kinds of cases. So you have to wonder what type of business they’ll conduct using your money to make it grow that fast that quickly…and whether or not you’ll actually see a dime of it back, assuming they can even do so.

– If you’re not hip to this scarcity tactic already, then don’t be fooled by the countdown clock. This is a mechanism a lot of marketers online use to convince you to sign up immediately by trying to make it seem like you only have until time runs out before you no longer get access.

You’ll find the same type of thing with the story in the video about only 250 people needed for the system and having more than half of that already on board. That number does not change. You can come back a week or a month later, and it’ll still be the same. So despite what they say, they’re willing to take on an unlimited number of spots.

Quick Cash System Members Only Page

Sarah Markel gives you an invitation to sign up to the system and get access to the members only page while making more grandiose promises. On this second page, you’ll see the logo of the broker the site wants you to sign up with.

You can’t use your own chosen broker. Instead, you’re encouraged to open an account and deposit money with their preferred broker which puts you at a disadvantage because you don’t know whether or not you can actually trust them with your money.

Then after depositing, you can see a list of trades that the system conducted. It’ll show you a number of losses, nullifying the assertion made before about their 99.9% accuracy rate.

Caution About the Free Sign-Up Bonus

To get the free bonus, you don’t sign up with Quick Cash System. You register with brokers like Titan Trade instead by making a deposit which is a minimum of $250.

Then afterward you’ll receive an offer to match the deposit you made, effectively doubling your money. That offer comes from the broker too, not Quick Cash System.

And taking it means your money and access to it gets tied up with the broker and will necessitate a certain number of trades to receive any money back. You’ll often find this stipulation in the fine print of many bonus offers like this. So if you want to quit the Quick Cash System, you can’t get access to your money unless you trade more, thereby risking more of your binary options investment.

Quick Cash System Scam

At first glance, the video appears to be enticing, with its claims that by signing with their platform we can become overnight millionaires. Sadly, this is not the case, nor or any of the other claims made in the Quick Cash System video.

The platform is designed to only make money for the creators of the scheme. Their claims are suspicious and need to be subject to further investigation. Traders who are serious about binary options trading need to realize there are no “secrets” to success nor will they gain anything by quitting their jobs and relying solely on the binary options market for their income.


Quick Cash System is not safe. The majority of traders who have registered with the Quick Cash System trading platform have reported losing their investment rather than profiting as originally promised by the creators of the Quick Cash System. The video makes a good first impression for new traders with its claims. The Quick Cash System offers promises of making you a millionaire overnight

But the binary platform creators are the only ones making out like millionaires. They’ve designed the system to make money only for them as an affiliate when they receive high commissions from trade deposits with their recommended broker.

Too many traders, desperate for financial freedom, risk it all and dump their savings into their brokerage account only to have the scammers run away with it in the end.

So don’t believe the hype. Automated binary trading robots like Quick Cash System often aren’t safe. They can prove expensive and risky if you just jump into depositing money without doing your due diligence in checking out a brokerage company beforehand. And most of the traders who’ve used it report losing all of their money instead of turning a profit as advertised by the creators

Again, the software only makes millionaires out of the brains behind the scam and the brokers they entice to steal our money.

Is Quick Cash System a Scam or Legit? The Truth!

Is Quick Cash System a Scam or legit? Can you really become wealthy rich in 60 seconds?

If you are thinking about investing in this program, you MUST read this review first.

Did you just hear about this Quick Cash System and you are wondering if it is a legit program where you can invest your money and expect great results?

In this review, I am going to share my honest opinion, and there is a video made by them I want you to watch!

Without losing any time let’s dig in!

Quick Cash System Quick Review

Name : Quick Cash System

Price : Minimum Deposit: $250

Owners : Sarah Markel

Recommended? : NO

What is Quick Cash System?

QCS is an auto trading program that promises you to become a millionaire in just hundred days.

They claim that if you invest in their auto trading robot, there is practically no way to fail, just click on a button, and you can go enjoy your day with family and friends.

When you come back, you will see your bank account full of money.

Is this something you should trust?

This is a scam! Not the average scam that you see online though that only hire people from Fiverr to do testimonial videos for 5$.

This scam is well done, to be honest.

Sarah is the owner of this scam; she has made a couple of videos on Youtube driving her car with some kids and showing off her house and lifestyle to make you fall into the trap.

She also made a video where she teaches her friend how to become rich in the next 60 seconds.

I want you to watch this video if you haven’t and tell me would you trust these actors?

If you watch her other videos, you will see the crazy numbers she has on her Paypal account

I always see scammers posting payments proof that honestly, everyone can make.

Guess what? I have just created a fake payment proof too.

If I spent a few more minutes on it, I could add my picture to add credibility

Please never trust these payments proofs and never trust anything online that is promising you to be rich in no time.

How Does Quick Cash System Work?

As you have seen in the video, you need to set up an account and then you will see the recommended brokers.

Pick up one, and then they will call you to ask you to invest $250 that will turn into a treasure within few seconds.

But the truth is their auto trading software is completely fake; they are just scamming people to steal their hard earned money!

Sarah is an actor no one knows her as a great trader, even the best traders in the world lose money, there is no software that will guarantee you to become a millionaire!

Look at this video, look how she exposes these innocent children just to make a scam!

I know this all seems so lucrative and yeah they have paid an attractive woman to do this, so people will just run to sign up.

I wanted to visit their website; it took me forever to find it!

I have reviewed many scams like Freebitco, Paid2Youtube, four dollar clicks, bitsforclicks,and more, but Quick cash system is way bigger and somehow easier to trust as they have spent lots of money to give it shape.

Looking for a Legit Alternative?

I fell in different scams before when I first started searching for online jobs, trust me the scams were so lucrative, and I was so blind to them, and I paid the price.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money on the internet, I recommend you to check out this amazing program it’s free to get started.

With it, you can’t make money with a push of a button but it’s 100% legit, and you can make a living from it.

If you are into trading and looking for a great and legit trading network, there is no better place than Etoro

It’s a social trading investment network where you get trained by the best traders in the world; it’s free to get started, and you have a demo account where you can try things out.

Have you ever fell in a scam? What do you think about Quick Cash System? Do you have any experiences with it?

Please share with us your thoughts, if you have any questions please don’t forget to drop a comment!

Quick Cash System Review

A good industry where there are profits being made is always desirable. It gives investors the opportunity to make money and invest some more in the same industry or diversify. One such industry is the assets trading and specifically, binary options trading which has taken the online asset trading by storm.

With so many entrants, there is always the risk of ride by night scammers making an appearance to make a quick buck and then ride away back to where they had come from. It is for this reason that you need to take a good look at the binary options programs that are making advances in your direction. One of the binary option robots that you need to look at is Quick Cash System which has been making all the right noises about making quick money. Is it a genuine thing or a scam?

Trading with Quick Cash System

One thing to always remember when you are looking for a binary options robot is to take all lofty promises with a pinch of salt. There are some promises that are possible to bring to fruition and some are downright impossible. Where to draw the line depends on each individual, but the first thing is to get the facts right.

Quick Cash System robot promises 99.9% accuracy when you invest in their program. They claim that you can make a million in a matter of a hundred days of trading. All you need to do is make a deposit, sit back and the cash will start flowing in. This is already deceptive in nature. If it were true, then it would be the biggest secret in the universe.

The Promotional Video

If there was ever a well-produced promotional video, it is this one! It features an attractive woman, who makes the introduction thus,

“They say behind every successful man there’s a woman. Hi I am Sarah Markel.”

The woman goes on to explain how her ex-husband left her and gifted her with a very profitable money making secret that she would like to share. The back drop of good looking kids, big house in the suburbs, big car and confident demeanor are all designed to prepare you to believe her when she says that she makes millions from her secret which she really wants to share with you so that you can make as many millions as she does.

She will tell you about how her system makes 100% correct predictions all the time on the binary options markets. She will tell you that you need to quit your job in 24 hours and be a million shilling richer within 100 days. She says you do not have to pay a single cent upfront for this system of hers and she is not being paid a cent to share her story.

Basically that is all the info you will get before you sign up for her system.

Quick cash system

How Binary Option Robot Can Change Your Life? Check This Out!

Quick Cash System Review If It is Legit or Not? – Our Scam Investigation Reveals the 100% Truth | Read This Before Investing!

How to Make Money with Binary Option Robot

Top Binary Option Robots in Russia

Claim your free binary option robot, get started with three easy steps:

  • Name of Robot
  • Min. Investment
  • Min. Deposit
  • Rating
  • 1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

    2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

    Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

    3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

    Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

    4. Collect your Earnings

    Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

    The Home Page

    The first thing you are supposed to do is watch a promotional video about how one person made millions with her ‘secret’. That is all you need to hear to register with their preferred broker and there is an email capture form right there and a ‘Show Me the Money’ button at the bottom. This is too aggressive an approach. No intro, no info, no ‘About Us’ button – just submit your email and you are good to go.

    While you will not be expecting the ‘Show Me the Money’ button to lead you straight to trading, you will expect at the very least, an explanation on how you can make money with the Quick Cash System robot. What you do get though is another page where the promotional lady appears again. There is also a logo for the program developers’ preferred broker. One thing certain to make you angry is the pop-ups that tell you, ‘Don’t Leave Box’ over and over again.

    One thing to note is that this video dismisses all the other binary options programs as scams and you will certainly lose your money there. It further implores men with her charm and the claim that most successful companies are run by women, and this one is no different. She claims that she needs only a few more members to get to her ceiling number of 250. Well, it has been the case for the last few months.

    The Members’ Only Page

    Here, Sarah Markel appears once again, invites you to the ‘members only page and goes on with her out of this world promises. She uses her persuasive charm to invite a random guy to sign in on her system right there.

    There is nothing really fascinating about this second page. What you will find is a logo of a broker. This is the preferred broker with whom you have to sign up with. You will then have to open an account. Why they won’t allow you to trade with your own chosen broker is up for debate but that puts you at a disadvantage right there.

    After that you will find a list which looks like the ordinary trades list you will find anywhere else. It shows a number of lost trades which nullifies the promotion woman’s assertion of the 99.9% accuracy.

    The Free Signing Up Bonus

    Signing up does not imply that you sign up with Quick Cash System. Rather, you will be registering with brokers going by the name Titan Trade.

    Quick Cash System offers you a sign up bonus which is supposed to be double what you deposit for the first time. They ask for a $250 minimum deposit to start trading. What you need to know is that this deposit is an offer from the broker. There is nothing you can do about the deposit because it will be tied to your investment and to access this you will have to make a certain number of trades. This means that if you feel disillusioned with Quick Cash System, you will have no way of accessing your funds except by trading some more.

    Annoying warnign sign everytime you move mouse on the edge of the site

    What the Traders Say

    To get the feeling of what trading with Quick Cash System is like, you need to get the feedback from the traders themselves. This will help you put into perspective what you will be signing up yourself into.

    • There is not a single trader who says s/he made any significant amount of money from this system, leave alone the $100 that they promise so many times in the video. It is not normal for a legitimate business to have consistently negative feedback from their clients. It is a pointer to serious failures in their operations if they are not outright scammers.
    • Customer support is extremely poor. Getting your email answered once you get into a fix is a nightmare. Many traders reported good support in the beginning but it went downhill from there, especially when they started losing money. A robot that only gives you support when you are making money and abandons you once you start losing is one that you need to reconsider investing in if you are already there.
    • Some traders complained that while they were expecting the trading sessions to be consistent, the actual fact is that sometimes you will have to wait too long before a trading session begins, and even then, the trades are too slow comparing to how fast they were moving in the promotional video.
    • When you are trading with Quick Cash System, you can expect to find that they will try to sell you a book on binary options trading for $500. They really push you to buy this book. You would expect that they would give you an eBook if you were trading with them. Once they said everything is free, it should have included any material that they may have. This is just a way to get more money from you.
    • Withdrawals are sometimes a nightmare even when you have met the requirements of the system. Some traders reported losing money even though it was not being traded. This is serious considering that you deposited your hard-earned money in good faith only for it to vanish.

    Red Flags

    Form the word go, you will find red flags just about everywhere with this program. Here are some of the things that should raise questions:

    • One peculiar thing is that the program, one that promises to make you a million shillings within 100 days uses a Gmail account for their quick response email. You would have thought such a successful program would have its own email addresses. Maybe it is not as successful as it claims it is.
    • The discrepancy between the 99.9% promise and the reality in the trades list which shows quite a significant number of trade losses which would definitely constitute more than 0.01% if you were to go with the 99.9% story.
    • The moment Quick Cash System tries to convince you to quit your job immediately because you will be a millionaire in 100 days, it becomes much more than a normal business transaction. This makes you wonder what kind of business they will be doing with your money because it is definitely not the normal binary options you are familiar with.
    • The clock ticking down as you are being asked to type in your email is a deceptive action to convince your subconscious that you are running late if you don’t sign up right there and then. This is connected to the story on the video that they need only 250 people and there already 144 on board. The fact that this number has not changed in months, and this is a program that is supposed to make you thousands of dollars every day, is a clear indication that membership is unlimited.


    This is one binary options robot you would do well to avoid. This is because all the red flags are directing you away from Quick Cash System. It is unbelievable that somebody would advertise a 99.9% accuracy in trades and further promise you to be a millionaire three months after depositing $250. The fact that they are still promoting this software means that there are people who believe them. You can be sure that the end result will always be the same; losing money.

    When they insist that you will get a bonus that is equal to the sum you deposited, it sounds very inviting. The truth is that you will have tied your money with the broker and until you make their specified minimum number of trades, you will not get back your deposit or profits that you will have earned by then.

    What You Need to Do

    Your investment today will determine how your life will be in the future. This means that you should not gamble with it because you will essentially be gambling with your life and that of your dependents. You will need to invest in a binary option program that promises attainable goals and where they don’t ask you to quit your job because you will be a millionaire in 3 or so months. You need to trade with a program that will meet your expectations. This program is the Binary Option Robot.

    Here, the automated trades are made in a way that you can understand and follow. Binary Option Robot is consistently being improved to enhance your user experience and to make your earnings easier to make. They rely on financial experts and sophisticated algorithms to come up with their trades, which gives all their clients a good return on investment.

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