Trading 212 Review

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Trading 212 Reviews

1,920 • Excellent

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Write a review

Reviews 1,920


Really good for first time users

Made 80% on my investments in 2 weeks

So far so good. I’d been thinking about it for a while but thanks to a friend I was able to start with a free £100 to get my going and it’s been super easy to use.

If you want £100 to get you going use this code when creating your account – FMcDiTTB

Opened an account yesterday and am very impressed!

Opened an account up yesterday after using Freetrade previously and am really pleased with the real time pricing (not 15min delayed quotes like other brokers) and the 0% FX charge for foreign shares.

The Interface on the App is easy to use when searching for companies and analyzing your portfolio.

I read reviews on here yesterday and used someone’s sign up link which got me and that person a free share which got credited 24 hours later and is worth £69.

Use my sign up link www. trading212 .com/invite/FMqHkPB2 (without spaces) and once you deposit we’ll both get a free share.

So fare it seems like it is a good app

Brilliant Commission free trading (Free Share up to £100)

Brilliant No free trading. Great for Investing and Day trading. Lots Of choice and much better for beginners than other trading apps I’ve tried. (Join trading groups on facebook for more tips) Good Luck!

Do you want a free stock share worth up to ‎£⁠100? (I Got Disney)

Create a Trading 212 Invest account by copying and pasting this link:

www. invite/FMSxEpm8

Decent trading App

Yeah it’s not bad, good replacement to RobinHood, if you want to get involved you can use my link and we can both benefit and get shares to random company, that’s how I got my first free share, I used one of the promo codes I found in the reviews here,

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
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That’s my code FMqJzpAo,

And yeah good luck to whoever is reading this review

I was a big fool to risk my properties…

I was a big fool to risk my properties investing in binary trade. When I lost everything I then understood it was all a scam, I felt devastated but thanks to Mrs Elizabeth I got my money back. You can click my profile to get her email address and her WhatsApp number I recommend you contact her for help

Very pushy in trying to obtain your…

Very pushy in trying to obtain your money and invest massive amounts, customer service is lacking and reminds me of the Wolf of Wall Street!They are evil people indeed,i reported to action fraud and the police but nothing was done until my bank introduced me to [email protected] Com a litigation company against cybercrime investment scam that got all my investments back. I would advise you check them if you are a victim of Trading212

Return is not what is should be

Did anyone notice any differences on their returns?for example i bought a stock at 60,48 dollars but when the stock goes at 61.68 dollars the return was1.20% before April,after April the stock is at 62.12 dollars and the return at 0.11%.
Also the return when the stock is at 61,40 dollars and my return is negative at 1,89,
Anyone knows the reason?

Real Free Trading App at the moment in UK ATM

Trading212 is a new Free trading account with zero transaction fee. I was really surprised with the free share in my account. Thanks to Trading212.

If you use my link we both will get the same share which could be worth upto £100.
www. trading212. com/invite/FMXf15iC (remove the spaces)
All that you need to do is just use my link and then open a Trading 212 Invest account and just deposit atleast £1. You don’t need to buy any share at this moment.

The platform needs to add more stocks otherwise it could lose out to the competitors. It has some basic fundamentally strongly companies. It’s good for someone who wants to build the wealth brick by brick as there is zero fee. Not sure if they make any money in the spreads which is also called as hidden transaction fee

Best stock site

Easy .clear en honest

Missing £10 000

I opened S&S ISA account with Trading 212 and deposited £20 000. It took Trading 212 couple days to fund my account so I lost my 2020/20 ISA allowance and it was funded with £10 000 only not £20 000. Their phone number doesnt work (goes to voicemail everytime) and they dont replay to emails. Avoid!


Grand app, really easy to use

Terrible User Experience

Since 06-04 the graphs and YoY differences are not calculated when the NYSE market opens. Is impossible to trade like this!

Being in quarantine for the next…

Being in quarantine for the next couple…
Being in quarantine for the next couple of weeks at least I decided to give this a go (Having said to myself the last couple of years I should take the plunge and slowly begin long-term investing).

I deposited £500 and bought a selection of some nice, semi-stable dividend-paying stocks which even with the current crisis had only dipped a small amount. I’m currently £10 up woooo! Not that it matters as I’m going to be looking at a 5-10year+ timeframe on this account. I’m planning to deposit £200 every week and invest without fail.

This is a great alternative to Robinhood and WeBull which everyone in the States seem to rave about. Funding212 is just the totally commission-free version that’s available in the UK and most of Europe (and a few other countries including Australia). It’s very easy to use and gives a nice overview of recently purchased shares, dividend payment histories and dividends you’ve recently taken payment of into your account.

If you use my link www. trading212. Com/invite/FMguNiGR (remove the spaces) when signing up you’ll get a free share worth up to £100 in your newly created account (I’ll also get one).

I used a random persons sign up code from the reviews here (my free stock was only worth about £7 [for Under Armour], but every little helps!). My friend received AMD when he used my link which is worth nearly £40!

Trading 212 review

A novice-friendly trading platform with plenty of strengths

By Jitendra Soni 10 March 2020

Our Verdict

This is an easy to use trading platform which is great for novices, but there are limitations such as no short-selling to be aware of.

  • Demo accounts available
  • Easy to use interface
  • Zero commission
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Inactivity fee
  • Short-selling not allowed

Trading 212 is a London-based brokerage platform that aims to democratize trading by making it accessible to the masses. Founded in 2006, Trading 212 allows users to trade in a variety of assets including Forex and currencies, gold, commodities, crypto, and stocks, etc.

Trading 212 got the license to operate in the UK in 2020 and is approved by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority of England and Wales). It has a freemium model offering the basic services without any charge hoping that the users opt for other paid services or transact on the CFD area of the platform.

As a user, you can use their web-based trading suite or download the application on your computer. There is even a mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones, in case you want to transact on the go.

What to expect

Trading 212 offers an easy DIY platform and allows over 1,800 instruments to trade, offering enough options to traders to decide where and how they want to invest their money. These instruments include major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Monero, EOS, Dash, Neo and more. Traditional assets like stocks, commodities and indices can also be traded on the platform. The diverse list of assets and choices available to trade on the platform should be attractive to many users.

(Image credit: Trading 212)

For first-timers, Trading 212 offers a demo account which lets you try out the platform and perform test transactions without registration. This demo account gives you a real-time experience of how the platform works on your computer and mobile applications. In case you decide to sign up, you do need to provide some official documents to verify your identity and address. These documents include:

  • ID Proof: a scanned color copy of passport, driving license or national ID
  • Address Proof: a utility bill or bank statement from the past three months carrying your address

These are simply standard requirements as part of anti-money laundering legislation.

(Image credit: Trading 212)

There is a set of questions which you need to answer for the company to understand your experience level as a trader. Trading 212 might reject your application on sign up, if the firm feels that it might be too risky for you to transact on such a platform. The entire signup process may take a good 10-15 minutes, so keep that much time handy.

Trading 212 offers you three different types of account: Trading 212 Invest, Trading 212 CFD and Trading 212 ISA.

Trading 212 Invest is best suited for traders who like to invest and trade in equities. However, the platform does not allow short-selling of equities, so in case you’re only interested in this type of trading then Trading 212 is not the right platform for you. Trading 212 ISA is only for UK-based traders who want to benefit from tax-free trading up to a certain amount, while Trading 212 CFD is open for all international traders.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal options, Trading 212 offers multiple choices like bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, Skrill, PayPal, Dotpay, Giropay, and Direct eBanking. Note that it only accepts payments in currencies like GBP, EUR and USD.

(Image credit: Trading 212)

The web platform is very easy to use and it offers an organized layout. On the extreme left, you have the instruments you follow by adding them to your watch-list. All your pending orders or previous purchases show right next to the watch-list. In case you want to modify your transaction after looking at the live trends, this can be done here as well.

The center part of the screen displays a detailed graph of any instrument that you want to follow. Useful tips and videos can be found on the bar on the right side. Various reports can be found grouped right under the login section.

Mobile app

The Trading 212 mobile application is also fairly easy to use and shows information in an easy to understand graphical format. Simple swipe gestures help you switch between different sections and instruments. You can set price alerts, access forum, reports, or training videos right from the menu. There is a demo account available for the mobile app too that allows you to transact in all the instruments.


Trading 212 is one of the few platforms that does not charge you for transactions and is transparent about the costs applicable with paid-for services. While withdrawing funds, there is a fee applicable on the wire transfers. Third-party transfer fees may also be levied, if applicable. The platform wants you to remain active and charges you for inactivity, if inactive for over 180 days consecutively.


Customer support is one of the most important features of any trading platform. Support is available by calling in, email or even through the contact page on the site. The website also has a live chat option in case you want to chat with a representative.

Trading 212 offers support in a wide range of languages including English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, and Chinese.

Regulations and credibility

Trading 212 is a trusted broker registered in England and Wales, and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is also registered in Bulgaria and is regulated by the local Financial Supervision Commission.

The company keeps the clients’ funds separate from the company funds and are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which offers a security of up to £85,000. In Bulgaria, 90% of deposits with a limit of €20,000 are secured by the Investors Compensation Fund or ICF Bulgaria.

Trading 212 allows users from across the globe to sign up, though regulations prohibit sign up from regions like American Samoa, Belgium, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Guam, Northern Cyprus, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Turkey, United States of America, and United States Virgin Islands.

Final verdict

Trading 212 is a very user-friendly trading platform, especially for beginners. The fact that you can try out the platform both on mobile and web before taking the plunge is a big advantage. Limitations like no short-selling may be a turn off for traders. However, the fact that Trading 212 offers over 1,800 assets and is very transparent about charges makes it one of the easiest recommendations for us.

Trading 212 Review – Free Trading on Stocks, CFD’s and Forex

Posted by Dave | Apr 18, 2020 | Broker Reviews | 1

Trading 212 Review
  • Commissions and Fees


Traders know that it all starts with a good brokerage. Trading 212 has attracted the attention of many traders with its multitude of specialties. Read our review to find out fi this U.K. based online trading broker fits your needs.

About Trading 212

Trading 212 is a U.K.-based online trading brokerage specializing in CFDs (Contracts For Difference), forex, commodities, crypto currencies and equities. The broker has made their way into the spotlight by offering free commissions. The diverse product offerings also include in-depth tools through a fully functioning online and mobile platform catering to a global customer base. Keep in mind, U.S. residents are prohibited from trading CFDs. Practice (simulator/demo) and real money accounts are available through a single account.

Based out of London and registered in England and Wales, ( Trading 212 UK Ltd. and Ltd. ) is the nation’s first zero commission brokerage with over 12 million downloads marking it the U.K. and Germany’s #1 trading app since 2020. Launched mid-2020 and currently operating in 65 countries, this fintech is trying to appeal to the next generation of global traders and investors. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The site operates in nine-languages from English to Chinese to best accommodate its international community of users

Trading 212 Commissions and Fees

Trading212 offers free commissions in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Trading212 is not available for US residents at this time.

CFDs have margin interest fees. There are various currency conversion charges ranging from 0.3% to 0.5% depending on the trading instrument.

Stocks and ETFs have a 1-share minimum trade requirement. There is a minimum account size of 29 EUR or $29 USD – this is also the minimum withdrawal amount.

While there are no software or platform fees, a 9 EUR inactivity fee kicks in after 6-months (180-days of inactivity).

It is important to point out the disclaimer regarding CFDs, “80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with provider”. CFDs are margin-based with financing fees (interest) but avoid the Stamp Duty (transaction tax) and enable shorting. U.S.-based accounts need not worry since they can’t trade them anyway.

Trading 212 Platform Tools

Trade 212 is a flexible trading platform with loads of features and exceptionally comprehensive educational content.

Charts and Indicators

The real-time charting can be set-up for candlesticks, bars or lines and multiple time periods ranging from tick to months. The basic price and momentum indicators/studies like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, stochastic and MACD are available.

Notably, there are some unique studies available like the Alligator, which is a three-moving average indicator measuring breakouts/breakdowns and subsequent resulting trends that form from them.

Research Tools and Content

Trade 212 has a growing library of video tutorials , lessons and webcasts that cover set-ups like the Alligator as well as macro/micro market events and trading techniques. Viewers can subscribe to their YouTube channel for free access and alerts on new videos.

With over 250 videos, It can seem overwhelming searching through them to find relevant topics to choose from. To better navigate the content, the playlists are segmented by topics ranging from Weekly Trading Vlogs to Technical Analysis and Charting.

Customer Service

The customer support is responsive and knowledgeable. They have omnichannel access via e-mail, chat and phone 24-hours a day/7-days a week.

Order Types and Trading Modes

Entry pending orders can be placed with Limit/Stop, OCO (One-Cancels-Other) and If/Then provisions. Associated pending orders can be placed with Trailing Stop, Profit/Loss provisions in both Hedging and Aggregating Modes. Netting and multiple positions in single instrument are only available with Hedging, while reversing positions can be done in Aggregating modes.

Hedging Mode

Traded 212 offerings two types of trading modes that users can select. The Hedging modes enables multiple positions in the same instrument to enable spread trading and arbitraging to capitalize on price discrepancies. While there is no options trading, the hedging enables similar gamma scalping-like trading for active traders.

This is a great way to adopt the techniques that pros and market makers employ daily. It’s also a great risk management strategy that helps to cut down on the costs of positions, quantify risk/reward and caps losses, if managed correctly.

The great thing about the Hedging mode enables Netting, which means the platform calculates the net profits or losses in real-time and lets you partially or fully close the position without having to pay the spread twice. Single Close lets you net two opposite direction positions rather than closing separately and avoiding the slippage costs from the spreads.

Aggregating Mode

This is the typical directional trading mode where you take one position at a time in the same direction. Adding more size to the position results in an updated average net price and each new opened position is itself a separate position.

Desktop and Mobile App

Trade 212 can be accessed online through desktop or mobile device. The app is available on Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. The mobile app has a simple and intuitive design very much like Robinhood and WeBull, but with a lot more functionality and tools.

Platform Differentiators for Trading 212

While the commission-free label is irritating, Trading 212 makes up for it with the depth of tools and the bountiful educational content. The library of constantly updating tutorials is generous and customer service is top notch.

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